Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Big Leap

at Two Writing Teachers!
My teaching life will never be the same.

Last week, I interviewed for and accepted an ELL position for next year!

I've taught ELL summer school (elementary and middle school) for the past several summers, and I've loved every minute of it.  While teaching Spanish has been fun, I believe this is where my calling really lies.

Right now, as I'm finishing up the year (2 more days!) with my 6th and 7th Spanish students and starting to look forward to next year, I'm bouncing back and forth between excited and overwhelmed.

I finally get to teach ESL!
                                                               I still have so much to learn!
I can't wait to use my Spanish to
help students in their native language!
                                                              This is going to be SO different!
I get a room all year to create a home-y,
comforting, language-rich environment...
                                                              ... in English!  So many supplies to get!
I get to be in one building ALL YEAR!
                                                               It's a high school.  High school is going
                                                               to be different.  For starters, it's HUGE!
I get to use my love of all subjects to
support students in all content areas!
                                                               Do I remember all that math, science, and
                                                               social studies?  And that's SO MUCH to do!
I get to build the kinds of relationships
with students that only come through
sharing reading and writing together!
                                                                How will I help kids LOVE reading and
                                                                writing AND prepare them for testing
                                                                AND support their academic knowledge?
The curriculum is pretty flexible and
my new ideas are welcomed!
                                                                Oh my gosh, where do I start?!
I get to make a BIG difference
in the lives of kids. This MATTERS.
                                                               This is high-stakes. So much pressure!


  1. So cool! I understand your excitement but also the overwhelming aspect of this. You will create a wonderful place for those students who need your help. This is exciting news!

    1. YIPPY! I'm an ESL (EL, ELL, or whatever acronym is being used now) teacher so I say, "WELCOME. YOU WILL LOVE IT!" I've taught 2nd graders through 9th graders and I've loved all of the experiences. I'm sure you'll be great in h.s.!

  2. New challenges are so exciting, Jennifer & scary too, but after hearing all that you have shared about your teaching this year, I bet you'll be wonderful. Plus, just think, no more energy into those weekend moves! You can now fix your room, do the learning for just that school. Best of wishes & congratulations! And, I was going to tell you about Dana, but she beat me to it!

  3. How exciting! This reminds me of your special traveling classroom post. Your classroom is sure to be spectacular! The tug within you about this change is so well articulated through this post. Congratulations (to you of course, but mostly to the students whose lives you are going to touch).

  4. Wonderful, exciting and challenging! I have been teaching ELLs for 25 years and I still LOVE it!!I love my students! Yes, they have issues (just like all the other students), but there is just something special about ELLs....

  5. Congratulations on your new position. Very exciting! And yes, I know it feels overwhelming now. But as I read your list, it seemed like your excitement column was a lot more important than your overwhelmed column. And, of course, you have all "summer vacation" to prepare!

  6. Congrats Jen. I'm excited for you...especially since you feel this is your calling. May it be a very good summer percolating for your new position.

  7. First of all, congrats on the new chapter of your life! So much excitement and it's only natural to feel overwhelmed -- it's because you care! You have time to start brewing ideas over the summer. Not sure if you are on Twitter yet, but what a great resource that would be for you to connect with ESL teachers. Yeah for you!

  8. You have summed up the way it feels to start on a new adventure-excited and overwhelmed. Be gentle with yourself important learning doesn't happen suddenly. You head step by step in the right direction. Happy Trails.


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