Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

at Two Writing Teachers!
During the last week of school, Ruth posted a wonderful end-of-year reflection with thoughtful guiding statements that encouraged the rest of us to do the same.  I read it.  I connected with so many of her thoughts.

Now, I'm typically extremely reflective (as I'm sure you can tell from my blog!), but it's more of an ongoing, informal, day-of-the-lesson reflection process.  A final, cumulative look back at the year sounded like a great idea, and something that might give me some new insights. I saved Ruth's post in Evernote (which, by the way, I PROMISE to write about someday!) with plans to create my own year-end reflection.

But there were grades to post, Jarritos to buy, lots of stuff to pack, a year-end outing to attend with teachers I might never see again, and lots to think about for next year!  Oh, and the Memorial Tournament was going on, a family tradition since I was little.  And did I mention I had to get ready for summer school?  The reflection idea completely slipped out of my mind.  (Which, after all, is why I use Evernote!)

In the coming weeks, I read some posts by slicers who wrote their reflections.  Linda even reflected on her reflection, which was really cool!  Oh yeah!  I wanted to write follow Ruth's sentence starters to write a reflection!  But I didn't really feel like it.  

There was summer school... 
and a big pile of books to read...
and TeachersWrite... 
plans to finalize for our vacation to Spain...
it was so sunny out...
I wanted to meet my husband for lunch...
so much to think about to get ready for next year...
all these Spanish lessons I'll never do again that I want to blog about...

It's funny how time just slips by, sometimes slinking quietly like a gentle stream and sometimes charging through like a rushing river after a flood.  Suddenly, it's the last week of summer school, when it seems that just a few days ago I was planning our Olympics unit!  And yet, on the other hand, the school year seems to have floated away, a tiny speck in the distance behind me.

It's just like looking in the rearview mirror: I can barely see what's right behind me, because it's sitting in my blind spot.  I can only see the closest things if I turn and look on purpose, and then my view is focused on that one thing.  This is the kind of reflection I do during the school year.
photo credit: gustaffo89 via photo pin cc

To really look back at the wide view, I have to be far enough away for it to show up in my mirror.  This is the real reason I couldn't write my reflection right when the year ended.  I was still in the midst of it all!  It was still in my blind spot!  Now that I can see it, I'm ready to write.  After all, it's not as far away as it seems.  Just far enough away that I can see it.  


  1. What a poetic/playful idea with the mirror.

    I really would like to know more about Evernote. ;) I feel like everyone keeps bringing it up lately. I am wondering if it is useful if you are someone like me who is still in the dark ages regarding my phone (no data plan).

    1. I'll try to write my Evernote post soon! :-) I use it from computers a lot, so I bet you would still get a lot of use out of it even though you don't have a smartphone. (Neither do I, although I do have an iPod Touch that I use it with.) It's a fantastic way to capture and organize blog posts and web resources that I want to be able to look at later, as well as to keep track of writing ideas, vacation ideas, etc. that I want to be able to access from anywhere (i.e. school & home).

  2. I downloaded it on my computer and kindle so I could play with it. ;)

  3. Evernote is terrific, Jennifer. I use it often, & they have a good blog that teaches a lot about it, too. I'll look forward to your post. Thank you for the mention, so nice of you! Remember that I got to do that, & then return & do more because I was finished. Your leaping into summer school too & all those other things has to have been challenging. Perhaps you'll do your reflection before you start the new position, sort of like closing a door. I love the rearview mirror analogy including the blind spot, & this line: ' a tiny speck in the distance behind me'. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks!


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