Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A good kind of tired

at Two Writing Teachers!
Lately, I'm barely able to drag myself from the table to the couch after dinner.  Keeping my eyes open until bedtime is a chore.  As soon as I lie down in bed (and get myself to stop thinking about school), I'm sound asleep.

However, it's a good kind of tired.  It's the kind of tired that leaves your heart happy, because you know the work is good.

How good?

1. Just in case my students weren't excited enough about writing for the StoryBox Project, our local newspaper did an article about our work with the project!  My students were absolutely beaming with pride when it was published!  Moreover, one of my former middle school colleagues shared the article on Facebook with a note about how proud she was, and our district ELL coordinator emailed it to all the other ELL teachers with a comment about how special it was.

2. As we're finishing up our StoryBox stories, we're beginning another exciting project: the Global Read Aloud!  Students are loving Out of My Mind so far, and we're excited to build relationships with other classes through our reading.  There's just nothing like the feeling of being part of something bigger than our classroom!

3. So many other little moments that sparkle like grains of crystal in the shifting sand of everyday work:

  • The new student who was so proud of being quoted in the newspaper article that he kept pointing at it, saying "That's me!  Right there!" and reading his name.  ("I've only been here for two weeks!!!" he exclaimed.)
  • The student who ran in and hugged me yesterday morning because she loved the Get Well card my classes made for her: "It made me feel special."
  • The teacher from another building who emailed to say that my students "had good things to say" about me when they babysat for her parent meeting.
  • The staff meeting where my principal told everyone about my summer postcards because he was so excited about how I'm working to build positive relationships with my students.
  • The middle school colleague who emails every once in a while to say that he's enjoyed one of my blog posts or to compliment me on something I've done.
  • The student who stays after school for help with homework nearly every day, and the giggles we usually collapse into at some point while working through a difficult question or attempting to find a creative way to remember a certain concept.
  • Furrowed brows and slight smiles during writing time.
  • Gasps and sighs and wide eyes during read aloud. (and whining when we stop!)
  • Happy sparks in student eyes when they walk into my room, and exclamations of "This class always goes so fast!" when it's time to leave.
Yes, it's a good kind of tired.


  1. Wow! I love all the heart happy moments you've captured in this slice.

  2. Thanks for sharing your joys that are making you tired! Glad to read after my disappointing night for Open House! I needed this!

  3. Can this year get better for you? Seems like all your hard work is paying off big time. You have so many sparkles lighting up your world, way to go!

  4. Wow - your classroom is a busy place! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful happening inside (and outside... lots of great ideas, as always!).

  5. What an awesome list of goodness! Thanks for sharing all the amazing learning and joy going on in your classroom.

  6. These are exactly the kind of posts and notes I keep in a binder. On those "bad kind of tired" days, I can pull them up on my computer or pull out the binder and remember that what I do does matter.

  7. I love it! Thank you for sharing the sparkle. How cool is that Story Box Project?! Would your students like to tell mine about the project via Skype? You've got me thinking about requesting the box.

    1. That's a great idea, Lee Ann! We'd love to share about it with you through Skype! :-)


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