Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Double Funfetti Snow Day Polar Vortex with my honey!

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What is it about surprises that's so much fun? Why does just a little break from routine seem so magical? How do the words we use to describe our days have such an impact on the way we feel about them?

If our Winter Break would have been scheduled to last for two days more than two weeks, everyone would have been bored, whining, and itching to get back to school. But two consecutive days of magical robo-calls and a deliciously powerful meteorological term (who couldn't love the phase "Polar Vortex?"), and suddenly social media is full of adults giddily channeling their seven-year-old selves. From science experiments to just enjoying extra time together, there's certainly something special about having an unexpected free day due to some hysterical weather.
last night's weather... note the wind chill of -31 F!
The best part? Husband's work was cancelled too -- and for an engineer, that's a rare event! All day yesterday, I announced every event as "Snow Day ______ with my honey!" After all, even "Snow Day laundry with my honey" is fun together, especially when you're both usually at work!

When we got the notifications that we'd both get today off too, everything turned into "Double Snow Day _____ with my honey!" Then Husband realized that we could make the Funfetti Pancake Mix he got me for Christmas for brunch today... and got out the Star Wars pancake molds my uncle got us last year.
Double Snow Day Funfetti Star Wars pancakes with my honey!
"Funfetti" is such a fun word that I started adding that into all my descriptions, just to emphasize the FUN! So after Double Funfetti Snow Day dishes with my honey, Double Funfetti Snow Day video games with my honey, etc... it's been a fun two days! To cap it off, I can't wait to go eat Double Funfetti Snow Day soup with my parents... with my honey!

Wishing you all a Double Funfetti Snow Day Polar Vortex with your loved ones... or at least your own reminder to enjoy the little things in life!


  1. Jennifer,
    Love your double fun fetti fun! It's been so relaxing...but I'm feeling stressed now-like I gotta get my head in the game! I sent out a few emails to feel better about it! Love your fun post though!

  2. Those magical robo-calls don't seem to come early enough these days. (Not that it matters, since my little human wakes me up at 7 a.m. no matter what.) That being said, those calls are also a joy.

    Enjoy the funfetti!

  3. Just as I finished reading this delightful post, the name of my district scrolled across the bottom of the TV screen for a third snow day tomorrow. I loved the spirit of celebration in your writing. Whether you have triple funfetti or it's back to school and work for you, continue to treasure small moments!

  4. I think last year's word is still living and breathing in you this year. What a delight to read the fun that is happening in your world. I think I may need to add funfetti to my daily vocabulary.

  5. Your slice made me smile. It sounded like you and hubby had a great time, not only enjoying each other's company, but doing things together. Here's to a funfetti evening!

  6. Funfetti - just the right amount of silly.

  7. What a funfetti days you have had! I got the call couple of hours ago for a third "polar day." Not sure I can call it a snow day as there is no more snow falling. Glad you got to spend the days together!

  8. I do remember griping about not going back until the 6th and now we are not going back until the 9th...another day off tomorrow! I hate to admit it, but I have enjoyed it! It took me minute to find Yoda...but I did! What fun!

  9. love that 'double-funfetti snow day with my husband' and on, Jennifer. What a great time to be able to have the special-extra days off together. We were just on the edge of this storm, so got a little snow & cold, but nothing compared to you all back east! Keep having fun!

  10. What fun! Love your little saying - glad you got a couple days to enjoy together. Stay warm!

  11. That's the attitude to go with. I like how you created "Double Funfetti Snow Day... with my honey." Fun days for you. Fun post to read.


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