Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recipe for Stress Reduction

Tuesdays at Two Writing Teachers!
Teaching is exhausting and inspiring. It cracks your heart wide open and leaves your mind spinning. It has you running constantly on more cylinders than you even knew you had...

and it doesn't leave much room for recharging your batteries.

Even when you try, it's difficult to completely disconnect. Even if you find some downtime, there are students to worry about and new lesson ideas to ponder.

So how can we possibly keep ourselves sane? I found a pretty good recipe over the weekend:


  • wild, rolling, open spaces:

The view from our balcony at Pine Lakes Lodge!

  • extraordinary encounters with friendly companions:

At The Wilds, these wild horses wanted to ride along!
At the lodge, Carl the Camel loves to make new friends... especially if they have chips!

  • surprising discoveries and hidden secrets:

Who ever heard of a Takin?
The Asian rhinos are elusive and unique!

  • a cozy sanctuary wrapped in luscious green and brilliant blue:

The lodge! <3 I didn't want to leave!

  • and a step back in time:
Even though Husband gets to see John Glenn more than most people, visiting his childhood home was a treat!


Combine all ingredients with a special loved one and mix for 30 hours, far removed from all sources of stress. Breathe deeply and keep your eyes wide open.


  1. I have never heard of a takin! But they're wonderful looking! And the place looks devine for stress relief, Jennifer. How nice! We have about 11 days left-hope you are nearly finished too!

  2. Loved clicking on the link and reading about husband's connection to John Glenn. I still have the report we copied off the board in 2nd grade more than 50 years ago. Wonderful recipe for stress reduction! Hoping this weekend's grading marathon will result in some stress reduction for me.

  3. This place looks amazing! I want to go there!

    I loved how you chose to tell the story of your weekend in the form of a "recipe." So creative!

  4. Your recipe to overcome stress is on much larger scale than mine (my slice). The common element is escaping from to-do-list to enjoy fresh air and nature. I like that you included so many pictures in your recipe.

  5. What an enchanting place for a bit of R & R! Love the recipe format with the pictures. What a unique animal, a tankin. Never heard of it before.


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