Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Frozen family fun

Tuesday fun at Two Writing Teachers!
"Cross-country skiing is available. M&M needs snowsuit and front carrier."

I tilt my head as I read my dad's text. Is he serious? It's so cold! What if we fell? Nobody would really take a baby cross-country skiing, right? The questions have barely flown through my brain as I grin. Of course he's serious. That's what our family is all about: having fun together.

"What do you think? Just for a little while?" I sidle up to Husband, who knows by now exactly what my family's brand of fun is: hysterical, energetic, full of love, and totally crazy.

"Ok. Heading to your house now. Ready to ski!" I can imagine my dad bouncing around the house as he waits for us.

Soon, we're strapping the front carrier to my dad and wiggling M&M into her bunny snowsuit. "You really want to take her?!" My dad is chuckling with anticipation, and M&M joins in with shrieks and squeals as she notices how excited we all are.

We pile out the door and pop on our skis, wondering what M&M will think. "Be careful, Daddy! Don't go fast like you always do!" I'm a little nervous as he takes her down the small hill beside my parents' house, but he glides steadily and carefully to the flatter backyard. Husband, my mom, and I are like a mini cluster of paparazzi as we try to get pictures of what must surely be the youngest-ever cross-country skiier, all snuggled in close to her granddaddy and peering out with wide eyes!
so sweet!
He zooms off toward the neighbor's house and we push off, pumping our poles hard to catch up. Crisp air brushes my face as if it's waking up my soul, and I relish the pure aliveness that surges through my body. I love cross-country skiing.

As I soar toward my dad, I hear a sharp squawk. Uh oh... is she too cold or scared? But my apprehension quickly melts into joy as I get close enough to see her sweet open-mouthed smile. She loves it too!!! My dad can't stop giggling gleefully as he zips across the other backyards, and I realize that I'm laughing too as I fly along behind them.

Pure delight. Pure fun. Pure love.


  1. We have lots of picture of my niece (now 18) hiking in a pack in the snow. She loved fresh air and being in nature. what a special bond she will have with her grandpa.

  2. Your family is so full of fun! I loved the pics on FB. What a spirit of adventure your little on will have.

  3. Your Dad and I read this post together, giggling as we relived Sunday's memories! You have always brought so much love and joy to our lives and now Ryan and Marisol are too! Thanks for painting a beautiful memory of our love and laughter with your words!

  4. Wonderful! What a great way to begin her love of the outdoors!

  5. Sounds, and looks, like a terrific time was had by all! This looks like a picture that will be treasured for a long time!

  6. Wonderful. We took our kids camping way early, even in snow, & they loved it. As long as they're warm, ready for adventure, like all of you. Thanks for the pic, too, bet Grandpa was squealing too.

  7. What fun! I'd never trust myself but I would my husband or dad! Lol


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