Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Special Baby

"Bunny. Bunny.
Hug. Hug.

Husband and I grin as we creep downstairs, Little Sweetie's happy-sleepy voice softly crackling through the monitor. She's just started sleeping with a stuffed animal, and she's really enjoying snuggling the floppy purple bunny she chose.

Long shadows stretch across the great room as moonlight streams in from our wall of windows. As we settle onto our velvety brown couches to relax, Husband suddenly elbows me, nodding toward the monitor.

"Baby. Baby.
Special Baby."

"You're my special baby!" Husband's eyes glitter as he quotes the rhyme from our local library storytime, which we got the rare treat of attending all together since we were both off work for MLK, Jr. Day.
Husband & Sweetie doing "You're my special baby" at storytime. <3
Pure silence fills the house. M&M has drifted off to sleep remembering one of the most loving moments of our day. My heart feels like it will balloon up into the vast expanse of the great room and float right out of those windows into the moonlight.

I hope she always falls asleep knowing that she's our special baby.


  1. What a special memory you have preserved here! I'm so sad that I don't have this from when my son was little. Technology has made saving these moments so much easier.

  2. What a beautiful post. Sweet, sweet memories for all of you. I love how you said your heart feels like it will balloon up. I know the feeling. Savor it. All of it.

  3. Love it all, Jennifer, that you heard her singing is special, but for us readers, that picture says it all. Love that you shared with us.

  4. What a totally delightful slice! I'm always a bit jealous when I read these delightful "mother" slices. I hope you guys know how precious it is to capture these incredible parenting moments in words. I wish I had done more of it. I'm hoping that I can capture a few grandmothering moments.

  5. What sweet, sweet memories, for Sweetie and for you and Husband,-- both library story-time and sleepy-time. There will be many more; capture them in your journal.


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