Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Flying free

Tuesdays at Two Writing Teachers!
"Ok, climb on.. oof!" I shift the hard wood to keep it from digging into my legs as little hands and knees start pummeling my back. Dead weight on my neck shoves my head forward, and I have to laugh. "Wait, you're too far forward! Scoot back!!!" Wriggly limbs squirm to a more comfortable position above me, and I tighten my grip around the bar in my hands.

"Ready?! Hold on tight! Hug Mommy really big!" Precious arms squeeze my shoulders, and I shove my boots against the ground.

"FAST!" M&M squeals as my feet scramble to get us to the edge of the hill.

and we're flying!

Wind rushing in our ears,
clear air tickling our rosy cheeks,
Giggling, shrieking, gliding, flying!


We careen to a jarring halt,
frigid snow bits clumping in our eyelashes, biting our faces, clinging to our pigtails.

We tumble off the sled, and I can't remember lesson plans, emails, or a to-do list. I can't remember anything but our twinkling blue eyes, our toothy grins, her little arms hugging my neck, and that flying feeling. Purely, joyfully free.

Whatever I used to do on snow days, it wasn't nearly as sweet as this.


  1. What fun! We have a big hill beside our house and our kids spent many hours on that hill doing the same thing you did! Again! Again!

  2. I've loved all the pictures, Jennifer. Hurrah for first sledding & for snow!

  3. Yes! Aren't snow days even better?! It's amazing to experience life and activities again through the eyes of our children. Enjoy these precious moments. So happy you are capturing your stories too!

  4. Sounds like you made a lot of memories today!!!

  5. Now that's the way to live a snow day!


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