Sunday, March 1, 2020

Happy too

Day 1 of 31 at TWT!
 "Taking care of you makes me happy too!" As Daniel Tiger's voice bursts happily out of the book, RainbowGirl tilts her head up to beam me a half-toothy baby smile. She sways her whole upper body side-to-side in her patented dance move. As soon as the tune stops, she smashes her pudgy thumb down on the button again, grinning at Daniel in the book this time. Again. Smile. Again. Giggle-smile. Again! Again! Again!

For a change of pace, she pokes out her tiny pointer finger to push the picture of Daniel on the bottom of the page, which is supposed to signal that the reader should push the button. Nothing happens, of course, since it's just a picture of the button. Big eyes stare up at me.

"That's just a picture! Good experiment, though!" I love watching her figure out the world.

She quickly finds the real button again and happily smashes it, beaming when it plays. "Taking care of you makes me happy too!"

As she "dances" to at least twenty iterations of the one-line song, Sweetie runs into the room and flops down beside her. "Taking care of you makes me happy too," she sings sweetly, wrapping her arm around her baby sister and gazing at her with a proud big-sis grin.

They snuggle-read for several minutes, baby sister dancing and big sister singing. The next time RainbowGirl tries to push a picture instead of the real button, Sweetie interjects by sweetly speaking the words of the song: "Taking care of you makes me happy, baby!" She plants a big kiss on her little sister's cheek just as that little thumb finds the real button again to start the cycle over.

"Taking care of you makes me happy too!"

My heart is ready to float up out of my body, because it's true.


  1. Watching our children explore the world and learn how to be with each other is such a wonderful experience. I love how the refrain from the book becomes the refrain for this post - even though, as a parent, I know that sometimes those things can get under our skin. This is a great example of delighting in what we have right in front of us.

  2. I love reading about your kids, and this is just the sweetest slice ever :)

  3. Really sweet sister story! Just think of all they will share!

  4. What sweet sisters! Your girls are precious, but you already know that. So glad I will get to read about slices of your life this month. :-)


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