Friday, December 2, 2011


The first week of new classes is always a roller coaster: getting settled at a new school, trying to get to know kids' names and personalities, establishing procedures and expectations, working toward a community atmosphere...etc.  However, there's always also a hopeful feeling of a fresh start: "anything is possible".  Most of all, the kids spread around a buzz of contagious excitement.

the superstars board (empty)
So, here are some highlights from the first full week at School #2:

  • A sweet little blonde-haired 6th grader looks up at me in the middle of hangman yesterday and exclaims, "This is my new favorite class!"
  • A super-enthusiastic (and, I can already tell, overachieving) 7th grader stops on her way out today and remarks, "This class is really fun!"
  • I've been a lot better about "catching kids being outstanding" and putting their names up on the superstar board.  They've all been suuuuper excited to get their certificate, and they also love choosing the fun cut-out shapes for their names!  (They get a little paper shape with their name on it on a bulletin board in my room, and they get a certificate to take home that explains what they did that was outstanding.)  This was a new idea this year and I did ok with it last trimester but my goal was to try to recognize kids sooner and more often this time.  So far I'm doing pretty well!
  • Several teachers have made a point to mention that the students have been excited about Spanish, enjoying it, and using phrases, singing songs, during the rest of the day.
  • Two 6th graders spontaneously used the "word-of-the-day" (posted on the front board from suggestions from the kids) in conversations today!
  • Best part: Several girls in a couple different classes keep greeting each other with the hug and two air kisses when we practice greetings.  And when they walk into class!  I even spotted a couple of 6th graders at lunch teaching their other friends (who aren't taking Spanish) how to do it and why!  (More proof that integrating culture is essential and beneficial!)

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  1. I love the line about the kids spreading a buzz of contagious excitement. And it sounds like you are getting off to a wonderful start! :)


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