Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Like a picture print by Currier & Ives"

Last night, the large but cozy group of people circled around the Christmas tree broke into a hubbub of plates, dipping, grabbing, complimenting.  Chatter and laughter filled the house from all corners as small groups scattered at tables enjoyed everything from chips and queso to crab cakes to brownies with peanut butter fudge on top!  Then, from all the corners, togetherness again: this time around the piano.  Voices sweetly lifted in songs all hearts knew:  "Silent Night", "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!", "We Three Kings", "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear", and more.  Eyes met around the room, exchanging kindness and love and strengthening connections through the joyful music in the air.
a small part of the group singing carols: united in peace, joy, and love
This must be how people celebrated Christmas long ago, I thought.  The warmth of hundreds of years of relationships spread through me.  People gathered with friends and neighbors to re-connect and celebrate with food, stories, and carols.  I felt like this group and this house could be one of the happy lighted buildings in the old-fashioned village under Harry and Barbara's tree.  We look just like a Norman Rockwell scene!  Warmth and light and joy and love.

Was the party one of these little lit buildings brought to life?
My husband and I were the youngest people at the party by at least 20 years, but we never feel out of place with our alumni band friends.  Especially last night.  We felt happy and fortunate to be welcomed into an old-fashioned Christmas celebration full of tradition.  Sure, the food was made with electric ovens and microwaves, and the song lyrics were printed off the internet for those who didn't know all the words, but the atmosphere was timeless.  Maybe someday we will carry on the tradition of a Christmas carol party with future generations of band alumni!  A scene like this must live on, in more than just prints and figurines.


  1. What a good feeling your post created! We need more times like this, not just at Christmas. It's amazing how the thread of music can reach across the generations. Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. The atmosphere is created. I like that you are thinking of being the one who will create it in the future.

  3. I think you are right - this is how it must have been - and how wonderful that it was "now" for you.


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