Thursday, April 11, 2013

Celebrating Student Writers

Today I hosted a celebratory lunch for my student writers who posted "Slices of Life" for 21 days or more during the March Challenge.  I gave them passes to have an extra-long lunch with me so we could eat together and talk about the challenge, and I picked up Chipotle for them.  (I'm not sure which they were more excited about -- getting out of class, or getting Chipotle!)

When I got to Chipotle to pick up our order, I mentioned that this was a reward for my students and explained the Slice of Life Challenge.  The girl at the cashier said "I think we can do something for you..." and went to talk to her manager.  To my excitement, she came back and announced, "We'll take care of that for you.  We love the schools!" and made all of our burritos/burritos bowls complimentary!

Back at school, my students beamed when I told them that Chipotle had given us the food for free because they had worked so hard!  After chatting and giggling over our food for awhile, we discussed the challenge.  We celebrated favorite posts, shared our plans for future blogging, and avowed the thill of getting comments.

After we finished eating, I had a special activity based on the reading signs Donalyn Miller has her students make at the end of the year.  Armed with bright tagboard and markers, each student made a sign displaying the number of posts she wrote during the challenge.
These four students blogged for 21 days or more in March!
Her writing is small, so here's what it says: "I Love how I can write anytime I want.  Even before we start this challenge I loved to write about myself. So when I heard that our classe will start March Challenge I was really excited. I think it really helps my writing skill. I can feel that I'm getting strong! :)"  (Lina
To wrap up the celebration, I presented prizes: special journals to the top two writers, a free book coupon to the third writer, and a bookmark for the fourth girl (all inscribed with notes from me).

During the challenge, my students found their voices, their courage, and their potential.  Now, they are writers!  This is my true gift to them.

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  1. Jennifer, wonderful things all through the post. How great of Chipotle to cover the lunch for you, & how great of you to make all these arrangements for celebration. It just sounds like such fun! Congrats to all the students!


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