Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My sweet husband strikes again!

at Two Writing Teachers!
Last Monday was my birthday.  I was going to write this slice last Tuesday, but then my students threw me a surprise party in class, so I just HAD to write about that!

Anyway, last Monday afternoon I got home a little earlier than usual.  (It was my birthday, after all!)  Humming whatever song had just been on the radio and reminiscing about all the nice birthday wishes I had received all day at school, I shoved the door open.

Oooh!  Husband left me a birthday balloon!  (He's still home when I leave for school.)  He's so sweet!

One of my favorite stuffed animals was holding the balloon.  Thumper has a note!  I thought back to this winter, when Husband set up my stuffed moose Evergreen with a note to cheer me up after school. Giggling, I bent closer.
"Oh boy, Jennifer!  It's your Birthday!!!
Before you do anything else, could you take me to watch some Star Trek?"
What did he do?  Maybe he made me a video?  I scurried off to the family room, where the Blu-ray player is.  After scanning the room for a moment, I found another friend on the couch, with another note!
"Happy Birthday Jennifer!  My feet are sore from all this marching.
Could you take me to get my feet massaged?"
OH BOY, OH BOY!  It's a SCAVENGER HUNT!!!  I practically ran to the living room.  Sure enough, Figment was sitting on my foot massager with another note!
"Can you imagine?  It's your birthday!  Could you take me to watch some birds at the bird feeder?"
The bird feeder?  I scurried to the kitchen, hoping I didn't actually have to go outside.  This one was tougher, but I eventually spotted Flopsy on a kitchen chair, facing the window to the backyard.
"Go Bucks!  Happy Birthday!  Could you take me to listen to some wake-up music?"
I nearly fell up the stairs in my hurry to get to my iPod dock.  (Since I hate mornings, Husband made me a special "Wake-up" playlist with happy music and got me the dock so I can listen to it while I get ready in the mornings.)  My stuffed version of Boo, "The World's Cutest Dog," was happily waiting to greet me with another clue.
"Happy BOOfday! I'm sleepy 'cause I like to sleep a lot! Could you take me to bed?"
Scampering around the corner, I suddenly saw the rest of my favorite stuffed animals waiting to greet me.   Aww, they have my birthday card!  I wonder if I should open it now?
Is it obvious that we love bunnies, turtles, and Wall-E?
Well, Thumper's note at the beginning DID say I should do this before I did anything else.  I guess it's ok to open the card!  I reached for the card... and suddenly noticed that a new addition to the gaggle of animals!  I hadn't even seen him at first!
Itty-bitty Boo in a sweatsuit!!!
Little Boo is now sitting on my desk at school, reminding me of how my sweet husband always knows exactly how to make me happy!


  1. Your husband is awesome! What a lovely birthday scavenger hunt he created for you. This is precious. He's sure a keeper.

  2. Wow! That's pretty neat! He sounds like a keeper. I'm glad you had such a happy day.

    I'm excited to hear that you'll be part of CAWP. I'm teaching the Advanced Summer Institute, but I'll be sure to stop by and meet you. My friend Kate will be in your class.

    1. Oh, cool! I'm really excited for CAWP! I'll be looking forward to meeting you and your friend! :-)

  3. Stacey stole my words, what a special man you have in your life. Kudos to him for creativity. What a super day you had!

    1. Yeah, I was pretty impressed with his creativity -- not only for the idea, but for the way each note was personalized to the stuffed animal holding it! Pretty good for an engineer, right? :-)

  4. That is SO SWEET and CREATIVE TOO! He's a keeper!

  5. Scavenger hunts are a birthday tradition in my family. What fun!

  6. Wow-what a wonderful birthday ending, Jennifer! You are very special, so glad it was a terrific one. Your husband is quite awesome to do the wonderful hunt-that's the best!

  7. Your husband is totally a keeper!

    Happy belated birthday :)


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