Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Already a storyteller

Tuesdays at Two Writing Teachers!
"Sorry, we went to Boo At the Zoo!" As we burst into my parents' house 20 minutes late for Sunday dinner, I breathe in deep whiffs of my mom's spaghetti sauce, which, luckily for us, just gets better the longer it cooks.

Little Sweetie yanks her hand out of mine and toddles over to my dad, looking even more adorable than usual in her BB-8 costume. "Did you have fun at the zoo?" he asks.

Fish mouth. Fish mouth. Fish mouth. Her eyes bulge with excitement as her lips pop open and closed.

"Oh, did you see some fishies there?"


"Oh, and some turtles?"

"Burrrrrr!" She flaps her arms so hard I think she might actually lift herself off the ground. "Uh MOU!" She sticks out her tongue and then dramatically pokes her pointer finger into her wide-open mouth.

"Oh, Granddaddy," I interpret, giggling, "after we saw the fish and the turtles, we got to feed the birds in the Lorikeet Garden! They used their tongues to put our food in their mouths! It was so exciting!"
While we were there, I think she flapped her arms and squawked more than the birds did!

She may only be 17 months old, but she is already quite the storyteller!


  1. I have heard wonderful things about Boo at the Zoo! I would love to go to Milwaukee to try it one year! You had such a great time. What a happy slice!!! ;)
    Ana ~

  2. How awesome! So adorable. Cute memory to hold onto.

  3. We have boo at the zoo, too, & I've never been, but you have someone who I'm sure loved every part of it. I was in a lorikeet place too, with the grand-girls last summer at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your fun trip!

  4. How can little sweetie not be a storyteller? She has an awesome storyteller mentor! Before you know it, she will have her own blog to tell her stories. :-)


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