Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I don't feel like writing today

It's only 4:40, nice!  I think to myself as I absent-mindedly sing along to whatever's on the radio.  This is the earliest I've left school in weeks.  Nice to have a little break before crazy project-grading madness comes tomorrow!  Too bad the sun's already starting to go down across the cornfields.  This time of year is miserable.  Long shadows stretch over broken-down cornstalks that fly by my window. Oh no, it's Tuesday.  I don't feel like writing today!  I let out a deep breath and lean the back of my head against the seat.  Ugh.  I'm so exhausted and I don't have anything to write about.  I remind myself that I usually get into the writing mood after reading some other people's posts from the Two Writing Teachers community.  But I'm sooooo tiiiired.  I'm whining to myself like a kid.  But if I don't write when I'm tired, when will I ever write?  I've been doing so well since I started this summer...

Fine.  I sit down at the computer when I get home and open up the SOLSC comment link.  Tab after tab of stories I want to read.  I have fun leaving comments and reflecting on posts... But I still don't feel like writing!    The magic fix didn't work today.  I'm only slightly inspired / guilted into writing.  "Well, you won't get much done in life if you only work on the days you feel good," one of my favorite quotations tumbles into my head.  I don't remember who said it and I'm too tired to find out.  True though, here goes nothing...

I open up my blog and here we are!  Not a very insightful or entertaining post, but at least I wrote it!  It's actually a really good connection to Ruth's post from yesterday, now that I think of it!  Sometimes you just have to make yourself write, because that's what writers do!

Next Tuesday (or maybe sooner if I'm really good!) I'll fill you in on the craziness of this week at school for me!  Preview: it involves grading final projects and doing final grades at my current school, tearing down my classroom there, planning/preparing to start over my next school with whole new sets of kids, and putting my classroom back up at that school!  Thanksgiving cannot come soon enough!


  1. I'm glad you did write today. This is a slice of life we all experience. Your post matches Deb's at Coffee with Chloe. Must be something in the air. Sorry to hear that it is time to take down and reassemble at school #2. Hang in there!

  2. Totally with ya! I'm consistently inconsistent when it comes to posting my slices and always feel like "that relative" who is perpetually late to family functions since I typically link up somewhere between 10pm and midnight!

    But as Elsie said, it's important to share these days too! I can't imagine the tear down/set up - and wish you the happiest (and most restful) of holidays next week!

  3. I remember you are the mover, & now understand how even the thought is making you tired, before you even begin! It's a great slice and I'm happy to read about all the feelings you described so well, like leaning your head back against the seat. I have done that, sigh! Best wishes for a fabulously restful Thanksgiving!

  4. No wonder you are tired and don't feel like writing! I can't imagine having to physically move at this time of year and start over again. It's hard enough to start a new class in January.

    I'm glad you wrote! And thanks for the comment on my blog. It's nice to know that others are sometimes uninspired like I am.

  5. I like the way you used italics to let us in on your thoughts.

    When you said craziness at school, I thought it was going to be the typical stuff. I had no idea it would involve MOVING! Enjoy your Thanksgiving for sure!

  6. Thanks for showing the thoughts behind the writing and the imperfect part of writing. Our students need to know that we understand the "I don't feel like writing" days too!


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