Friday, November 18, 2011

I'll miss these kids!

Today was the last day of the trimester -- the last day of Spanish for the kids and my last day at this school.  On Monday I'll be at my new school, with new kids.  Sad and exciting at the same time, like always.  I REALLY loved a couple of my classes this time though so it was hard to let them go.

I just had to share what has to be the cutest thing I've ever gotten as a teacher.  My first-period class was a small, sweet, close-knit class who was very sad at the end of our class today, and I was sad to leave them.  I always give all my classes a survey on the last day (and at various other times during the trimester), and I enjoy reading their comments.  I've gotten a lot of wonderful comments from kids over time, but one particular survey today took the cake!

These two screenshots (from that student who wants to be a Spanish teacher) say it all:

 Heart melting.  Who knew 7th graders could still be so sweet?  (Well, I did because of that class, but still, it was unexpected!) And the misspellings just make it even cuter!

I will MISS these kids!


  1. These are precious - be sure to post them in a place that you will visit every so often to remind yourself of your work and value.

  2. I loved 7th graders! I taught them for 15 years. I really had to think hard about my move to high school. I still miss them!


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