Thursday, March 16, 2023

How to believe


Day 16 of 31 at TWT!
The room is spinning.

"Hold my hand and fly..."

Well, I'm spinning, in the room, which means that the room will soon start spinning too. A "lights-off party" where we play the girls' favorite songs on our bluetooth speaker in the dark, sometimes with light-up wands or our mini-dance cube, has become an almost-nightly request in our house in recent weeks.

"I will be alright if you stay by my side..."

Rainbow Girl's comfortable weight hangs in my arms as dusky shadows stretch across the gray carpet. Gently, I sweep her up and down a little, shuffling and spinning slowwwwwly since her belly is full of Shamrock Shake. Her big blue eyes gaze up into mine, and her face brightens with an adoring just-for-me smile. If I could freeze time, this might be a moment I'd pick. Instead, I breathe it in, soaking up every sweet detail of the love curled in my arms. 

"...because you showed me / how to believe..." I'm struck by the magic of dancing with her to this song from a Tinkerbell movie on the night before St. Patrick's Day, when both girls firmly believe not only that Tinkerbell and her fairy friends are real, but that leprechauns are going to frolic around our house tonight while we all sleep. 

Plastic gold coins are strewn through the house to attract the leprechauns. Sweetie spent the last several minutes explaining her elaborate system for "distracting" them as long as possible with hard-to-find coins, in order to get them to stay at our house until daylight strikes, trapping them in one of her ornate, never-quite-finished leprechaun traps

If I were a leprechaun, I'd come to stay, wouldn't you? She even put activities inside!

I smile down at Rainbow Girl in my arms and Sweetie across the room as we twirl and glide in the almost-darkness, and I can almost see the magic they see: a world filled with flitting fairies and sneaky leprechauns, where a glittering unicorn just might be hiding in the nearby woods. Where Santa and the Easter Bunny know just what they've been wishing for, and snowmen come to life to play at night.

They see a world full of magic. I know it's a world filled with love, and I'm so grateful they've taught me how to believe again.  

"Spring and summer / love and laughter / we'll live happily ever after..."


  1. This is so cute! Haha I remember watching the Tinker Bell movie and this song so it was very fitting.

  2. Jennifer, it took a third try before I could leave a comment. What's going on this year?
    Keep breathing in the magic and the love! You may catch a leprechaun! That's an enticing trap.


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