Thursday, March 2, 2023

Visiting the neighbors


Day 2 of 31 at TWT!
It's March! It's March! It's March!

Although I always mean to get back to Tuesday slicing, another year has somehow escaped me. But getting back into my blogging routine feels like coming home after too long away: a slight sense of wonder mixed with a comforting familiarity. Opening a new draft is like settling into my favorite spot on the couch. 

I scroll through the link-ups as if I'm strolling through a small town full of neighbors on their porches: 

Oh look, it's Beth! I remember when LeeAnn introduced us! "Hi, Beth!"

There's Kristen! So glad she moved into the neighborhood this year! It's so special to have a friend from school here now! "So glad you're here, Kristen!"

"Stacey, it's so good to see you! I hope your sweet kids are doing well!"

And there's Christen! We just met each other at a few meetings this year, but I'm excited to get to know her better now that she's here too! "Welcome to the neighborhood, Christen!"

And I thought I'd missed Rachel, but there she is now! It's so fun to see her at school and here! "See you tomorrow morning, Rachel!"

elsie's not here, too bad. She's probably out on one of her typical walks, snapping beautiful pictures to create her phoetry. I miss her. 

And things just haven't been the same since Linda moved out. She was so encouraging when I first moved in! At least we can still keep up with each other on Facebook!

But OMG, look, there's Deb!!! "Deb!!! Deb!!! Hiiiiii!!!" (frantic hand-waving) I haven't seen her in so long! I miss that sweet dog, Chloe, who used to sit with her. I don't really know her new dog, Sophie, much, but I can't wait to learn more about her!

And look, so many new neighbors! Maria seems nice, and she speaks Spanish and Spanglish just like me! "Bienvenida, María!"

And there's Alyssa, who already taught me something new right on her first day! "Welcome, Alyssa! Thank you for teaching us what a Pinay is!"

I circle back to wait on my own front porch, checking my email way-too-often to see who stops by to visit me. Oh yay! It's LeeAnn! I'll have to visit her tomorrow! I just love learning about her classroom.

It's so good to be home. 


  1. Jen, I'm not going to lie, there are happy tears after I read your post. I'm am so happy you are here too. And your post is perfect. And, you'll meet Sophie tomorrow!

  2. Wonderful metaphoric post! I love the utilization of front porch and neighbors to describe your writing friends.

  3. I'm happy to be slicing with you this year! Thank you for encouraging me to get back into it! :)

  4. I missed this post back in the beginning of March. I'm so glad you linked to it today. I love how you've conveyed this feeling of seeing friends at a reunion. This month really feels like that to me. I appreciate you putting the feeling into words.


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