Saturday, March 31, 2018

Just right challenge

It's Day 31 at TWT!
I used to think
it wouldn't be worth it
if I wasn't perfect.

Wasn't that the point?

To write

To post 31 slices in 31 days?

To live as a writer

To push myself,
to make room for writing,
to jump in over my head,
to tackle a daunting challenge
and win?

But when I wasn't perfect
I still grew.

Some writing
is better
than none.

If it pushes you,
it's a challenge.

Other people are not you.
Their measuring stick is not your measuring stick.
If it's truly everything you can do right now,
the best version of you is only compared to you.

I tell my kids to read "just right" books.
I tell them to shoot for attainable goals.
I'm not giving up on running
just because I'll never run a marathon or a 4-minute mile.

If it pushes you,
it's a challenge.

4 days a week.
20 posts in 31 days.

Carving out every possible slice
between teaching, running, reading,
friendship, faith, love,
toddler songs, stickers, swinging, sliding, climbing,
and responding to slices of my students' incredible lives.

Widening my view and narrowing my focus,
sparking ideas and spinning words
preserving precious moments
and exploring churning thoughts.
Grounding myself in the truths I know
and reaching to rise in new ways.

Pushing the balance
without tipping too far.

If it pushes you,
it's a challenge.

4 days a week.
20 posts in 31 days:
my "just-right" challenge
for this year,
for this me,


  1. I love this post! 20 posts in 31 days is amazing. Such a good reminder to live our own lives and not compare. Powerful!

  2. Congratulations on setting and meeting a goal that is right for you. Grounding myself in the truths I know and reaching to rise in new ways- that is so wise!

  3. Sounds like you still did great! Congrats!

  4. Love this Jen. And you were such an inspiration for your kids too!

  5. Way to be responsive to your needs (I say that with a smile on my face because responsive is such a buzz word). But you've got to do what works for you! I'm glad you made your goal!

  6. You win even if you only posted one slice (which you didn't). It is the fact that you were writing. That's the win. You did amazing things this month! You inspired your kids and they rose to the challenge. Here's to another challenge met!

  7. Congrats on knowing your "just write" goals and you are right, if it pushes you, it's a challenge. Great reflection on the month! Thanks for all your positive love and comments this month!

  8. Love this reflection and acceptance of what works for you. We need to be more like this in many aspects of our lives. If it pushes you, it's a challenge.


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