Sunday, March 18, 2018

Unexpected delight

Day 18 of 31 at TWT!
"When I started my shift, I was actually walking behind you guys out of the parking garage, and I thought, 'I bet I'll end up being their server!'" With twinkling eyes, our waiter flashes an open-mouthed smile and reaches out with a tattoo-covered arm to set a little plate of carrots & ranch in front of Sweetie.

Wow! Carrots as soon as we sit down? A sticker when we walked in? This place is awesome! I'd been a little apprehensive bringing a toddler to a new brewery on St. Patrick's Day: would it be crazy? Would they think we were crazy? Apparently, there was not only no need to worry, but we should have come here months ago!

I zone out as he recites the drink specials and which ones can be made green, watching Sweetie mow down carrots like a little machine. "Ok, tell him what you want to drink," I prod her.

"Milk!" she beams up at him proudly.

"I can make that green, if you want!" He grins and winks at her.

"Ooh! Do you want GREEN milk for St. Patrick's Day?!" I lean close and bop her nose with mine. This place is amazing!!! Since our town decided to have its celebration last Saturday for some weird reason, I was afraid we wouldn't really get to celebrate today other than wearing green clothes. So glad I didn't talk myself out of coming here! 

"Yeah!!! Green milk!"
What fun! Maybe I should've gotten milk too... that wouldn't be weird with a toddler with me as an excuse, right? Maybe next year?
I pour over the lengthy kids' menu and start reading out all of things she might like: "They have a burger, grilled cheese, mini corn dogs, quesadilla, fish, pasta with red sauce, mac & cheese, or pizza!"

"Mac & cheese!" Of course, but at least there is a huge variety!

The waiter offers to put in Sweetie's order right away, while we're still perusing the rest of the menu. I've been so dazzled by our experience so far that I've barely started figuring out what I want. Husband ends up getting a burger that has corned beef on top and a pretzel bun, and I go for the fish & chips. "We might have to come here every year on St. Patrick's Day!" I chirp.

Periodic glances at my phone show me that we've timed it perfectly for the main reason we came. Sure enough, as we finish up a "skillet brownie", cheers go up from near the door. I swoop Sweetie out of the booth and scurry down toward the corner by the door, where I can see them: a little troupe of Irish dancers!

There's not much room, but we sneak up to the edge of the first table and kneel down so we don't block that couple's view. "Dancers!" Delight spreads across Sweetie's face and her already-bright eyes widen as they begin stomping and bouncing.

"You can clap!" I nudge, and her little hands come together.
Mesmerized! <3
Over at the bar, people grin down at her enthralled face, elbowing their friends to point out her joy. One of the hostesses comes over to give her an extra bead necklace. They don't even know that ever since the Irish Festival in August, we've had to listen to Irish music in the car every day!

Pounding feet and graceful, nimble legs fly in front of us, but I'm concentrating on the sweet little body leaning against my shoulder, timidly clapping her sticky hands and staring, transfixed.

Finally, as the third or fourth song winds down, she beams up at me. "Can we invite Daddy?"

We go running back to the table, and he's just finished paying the bill. "Daddy!!! Come see the Irish dancers!!!" she squeals, and pulls him back toward the clamor.


  1. What an amazing St. Patrick's Day! It sounds like your little girl had an amazing time and the service was great!

  2. This sounds so fun! And isn't the brewery and your server smart being so kid friendly. My husband and I always look for brewerys when we travel because they also have good food and are pet friendly. I like knowing you found a kid friendly one!

  3. Sounds like a new tradition has just been born! What a great place to treat little people so special. If the food was good, it's definitely a place to visit again and again.


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