Sunday, March 25, 2018

So much love to give

Day 25 of 31 at TWT!
"I'm gonna make a craft for the Easter Bunny!" Carrying her bunny stickers from last week's egg hunt, Sweetie scampers over to her craft table. "I'm gonna make him a card!"

With the precision of a surgeon, she painstakingly selects the perfect position for each sticker on a piece of orange construction paper. "I'm making him a card because I love him!" She folds up both sides (ripping one in the process), then carefully seals it with another sticker (an innovation she came up with all by herself a few weeks ago). "I love him so much!" she declares in her most sugary voice.

"That's very nice! Do you want to set it by the door so we can take it to the egg hunt after your nap?" Husband gestures towards the garage door.

"Yeah!" she scampers down the hallway, clutching her card, and sets it beside her fuzzy bunny Easter basket. "I love the Easter Bunny! He's gonna be so happy for my card!"

Later, as soon as the community center barn is in sight, she starts asking, "Where's the Easter Bunny?" We clamber out of the car, adjusting her pink bunny "bee-boppers", pulling a fleece jacket over her bunny shirt as she skips and wiggles in her gray bunny pants and sparkly bunny shoes. "I don't see him! Where is he?"

"Remember, last time he came just as the hunt was getting ready to start. He's probably resting a little from hiding all those eggs!" We mill around in the dazzling sunshine, peering out at the vibrant dots of hundreds of eggs nestled in the grass. Suddenly, the much-awaited figure steps out the barn door. "Look, Sweetie! Who's that?"

"Easter Bunny!" She shrieks and bolts towards him, waving her card in an outstretched hand. "I made a card for you!!!" she proudly proclaims, thrusting it towards him.

"Look, Easter Bunny! She made you a card!" We have to direct his attention to this presumably rare development happening at his waist level. He notices, takes the card, and gives her a thumbs-up.

"Do you want to give him a hug?" He crouches down, and she throws himself into his arms as he holds her card.

We hunt for eggs, jump on a trampoline, and climb on fire trucks, but the rest of the day, she keeps chattering about how happy she made the bunny. "He never got a card before! I made him so happy! I love the Easter Bunny!"


  1. Awwwwwwww! This is post written to make all our mommy hearts melt! How sweet is she? I love love love when kids are just blissfully jubilant like this. I hope it lasts a very long time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. She is one caring individual, just like her mama. My granddaughter is not too thrilled with the Easter Bunny, I think he freaks her out. Now if it were a dinosaur, she'd be all over it.


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