Sunday, March 24, 2013

Emblematic Easter Eggs

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When most people decorate Easter eggs, I think they use traditional shapes and symbols: zigzags, dots, flowers, etc.  In my family, our Easter eggs are an expression of ourselves and our love for each other.

We have some eggs with bunnies and duckies on them, but mostly because those are my two favorite animals.  Most of our eggs are little surprises for each other: names and nicknames, pictures of our favorite animals, Ohio State logos.  Pulling the eggs out of the dye cups results in giggles and squeals as the creative pictures are revealed:

"A Script Ohio egg!"
After marching Script Ohio so many times, it's easy to draw it!

"Look at our two bunny eggs!"
my bunny and Daddy's bunny are pretty similar!
"Mommy, you made me a 'Sweet Pea' egg?!"
"Sweet Pea" is one of my mom's many nicknames for me!
"It's a turtle family!"
Husband loves turtles, so we all made turtle eggs for him!

Later, when we find them again in our traditional Easter egg hunt around the house and eat them in our lunches, we smile and feel loved.

our special family <3


  1. Thanks for a sweet glimpse into a family tradition!

  2. These eggs are really cute. So much meaning and thought behind them. (Like the pic of them all in the cardboard container.)

  3. Love the pictures! This reminds me when I used to paint eggs with my mother!

  4. The eggs are adorable - and I love that it's a surprise when you pull them out of the dye. We make everyone's name on an egg as their placeholder for Easter brunch. FUN!

  5. Isn't it fun that your family continues to dye eggs and create special symbols for each person! Your eggs keep on sending smiles, long past Easter. Love them all together!

  6. What a great Easter tradition! And your artwork is exceptional.

  7. Very fun to see the fun messages, Jennifer. I think this is a first year for Ingrid to get to dye eggs. She will love it. I'll remind my daughter about the 'surprises'. We used to use basic vegetable dyes to dye the eggs, like beet juice for pink, blueberries for blue, etc. They are all beautiful!

  8. How beautiful! I could hear the delight! We haven't dyed eggs in a long time. It looks like fun you can hold in your hand.


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