Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Great Egg Hunt

Day 31 of 31 at Two Writing Teachers!!!
"The Easter Bunny came!"  Before my parents even open the front door, we can see them through the window: the same pink bunny footprints that have greeted me every Easter morning for as long as I can remember.
Easter Bunny tracks!
Every year, the footprints lead the way to the first egg.  From there, the hunt begins!  All the rooms on the first floor of the house have eggs hidden in creative places.
pathway to the first egg!
With Husband's help, I grab my Easter basket and start:

crouching under tables and desks: "Found a plastic one!"
peering behind photo frames: "Here's another one!"
lifting up couch pillows: "Hmm, none here this year..."
examining cupboards: "Daddy, you put one in the Mountain Dew box?!"
(Daddy giggles gleefully, pleased with himself.)
peeking under pot lids: "Oh my gosh, there's one in here!"
creeping into closets: "Where's the basket?  We're running out of big places..."
searching on shelves: "I thought you looked here!  You missed one!"
brushing aside curtains: "Nope, none over here..."
digging through drawers: "Found a real one!"
opening cabinets: "OH, the basket's in here!!!"
Until finally,
"Maybe that's all of them?"
"Let's open the basket!"

We settle down on the floor and start inspecting our treats: candy, cute socks, lotion, Easter decorations, and even iTunes gift cards!  After assessing our loot, I head into the dining room to help my mom set up the table as the sweet scent of Honeybaked Ham wafts through the house.

my mom screeches my dad's full name like he's a little boy in trouble.
"You put one in here?!?!"

She's holding a china dish serving dish in one hand and a plastic egg in another.  Laughing through his nose, Daddy makes a pretend pouty face.  "Aw man, I didn't think you were going to use that one today!  I was hoping we'd discover that on Christmas Eve!"  (He prides himself on hiding eggs in such good places that they turn up months later, just when we least expect them!)

I wonder
where the next egg 
will turn up?


  1. Love those little paw prints. What an adorable idea!

    Happy Easter!

  2. What fun!! Your dad must have great fun in hiding those eggs...and then watching to see if they are all found. Love the rabbit paw prints. Now, I have a new idea for my nieces and nephews. It will be interesting if an egg turns up next year....fortunately they are not the real boiled eggs... Thanks for the fun post and great ideas. Jackie

  3. Very fun, Jennifer. Sorry your dad's spot was discovered already! Hope you got lots of good chocolate! Happy Easter!

  4. You are so funny! What a fun tradition to continue ... forever? Your parents are so fun, but then you are their only one to spoil. They are so lucky you live close. You've done an amazing job commenting and encouraging your kids. Your call to post with ideas to write were awesome. What a month it's been. BTW: I finished The False Prince and hate to admit I enjoyed it. Now I'm on the hold list for the second book.

  5. What a fun family!

  6. When I read your story you kept my attention it was very good!

  7. What a great tradition. So much fun to continue to celebrate with family, even after childhood is over.

    I enjoyed visiting your class during the challenge. You obviously are doing a wonderful job inspiring them to write. What a blessing!


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