Monday, March 4, 2013

He Loves Me

Day 4 of 31 at Two Writing Teachers!
"I brought you a treat!" Husband's chest puffs up with pride as he greets me in his sweet, just-for-me, I-love-you voice.

"Ooohh... Shamrock Shakes?!"  (Ok, words cannot express how much I love McDonalds' Shamrock Shakes...)

"Yeah!  I thought you needed a treat!" His eyes tell me that I'm the most wonderful, most important person in the world.

He loves me.

He may not buy me expensive jewelry or take me out to black-tie dinners, but he loves me.

  • He packs my lunch almost every morning. (I HATE packing my lunch!)
  • He leaves me sweet notes.
  • He brings me little surprises, like today's Shamrock Shakes, my favorite ice cream sandwiches, and fun new treats for my lunches.
  • He lets me sleep with all my stuffed animals, even though I'm a grown-up!  (And he lets me buy more of them, even though I already have too many!)
  • He made me a happy "wake-up" playlist to listen to in the mornings.  (I also HATE mornings!)
  • He picks up dinner on the way home when I'm stressed out.
  • He makes dinner in the crockpot when I know I'm going to have a busy day.
  • He helps me make materials for lessons. (He's an expert at gluing and cutting out game cards!)
  • He waits patiently while I write and understands how important it is.
  • He doesn't mind when I spend our money on lots of books for my students.
  • He gets me adorable personalized presents
  • He always knows exactly how to make me feel better.

His eyes tell me that I'm the most wonderful, most important person in the world. Even when I'm not.  Because he loves me.

(Today's post was inspired by an old post of Deb's!)


  1. You have a special man, but he has an awesome partner for life who appreciates him to the fullest. Let me count the ways I love you, and you did. It makes me smile. :-)

  2. He sounds like a pretty great guy. You are both lucky to have each other. And...I need to try one of those Shamrock Shakes

  3. I think our husbands could be friends.

    I'm glad you are loved to the moon and back. ;)

  4. I can't believe you remembered this post a whole year later :) This is a great list of how your husband shows he loves you. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers and romancy things, but I would much rather have the guy who fixes dinner or shovels the walk and leaves little notes than the guy who sends flowers weekly but doesn't care for you otherwise. You are a lucky woman :)

    1. I save slices that I want to use as mentor texts in Evernote, Deb, so I had just been waiting for the right day to use this one! I definitely agree about the little things being the best. :-)

  5. I imagine you could turn this right around, too, huh Jennifer? HE loves you, but YOU love him, too! This is a special piece. I think we are somewhat alike; I used to hate to fix my lunch, too!

    1. Definitely, Linda! I love him so much.

      I think you and I are a lot alike! :-)

  6. What a wonderful list. I hope you share it with him. It sounds like you show appreciation for all of those wonderful things which is equally important. I think the small gifts - the unexpected things like a shamrock shake - are the best kinds. I would take years of those over a item of jewelry any day.


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