Saturday, March 9, 2013

This is me!

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One day last year, Ruth posted about her outfit, describing how each piece of it showed a story that made her who she is.  I thought this was such a cool piece that I wanted to try it myself!

My outfit today doesn't have nearly as many stories as hers did, so maybe I'll do this again another day!  However, it's still a good picture of who I am.
This is me!

From the top:

  • side braid with bright pink hair tie: I used to wear side ponytails and side braids all the time when I was little, so I love that they're back in style!  I always wear a bright hair tie that matches my outfit.
  • blue peacoat: I love colorful clothes!  Today it was a lot warmer than it has been lately, so I got to wear my peacoat instead of my big puffy winter coat.  My mom got me this coat on one of our frequent mom-daughter shopping days!
  • bright pink sweater: Except for a brief stage in middle school when I rejected it, I've always loved pink: the brighter, the better!  Neon was big in the late '80's / early 90's when I was little, and I was frequently covered in whole outfits of neon pink. I'm so happy that neon is back!  Mom and I got this sweater on sale!
  • tanktop: I almost always wear tanktops under my shirts so they stick out on the bottom for that cute layered look.  My mom got me this one as one of her little surprise presents!
  • rings: Of course, I always wear my wedding and engagement rings from my wonderful husband!  On my other hand, I always wear my 5th-year OSU Marching Band ring.  This ring is an honor that is presented to all 5th-year marching band members, and it's really special to me because band is a big part of my life.  It looks kind of like a high school graduation ring, but everything on it is about TBDBITL.  There's a gold Diamond Ohio (one of our formations) on the red stone, and each side of the band is engraved with band symbols: Ohio Stadium, the OSUMB crest, and Script Ohio.  It's also personalized with my row (your row is like your little family within the band) and my years in band.
  • jeans: I love dressing casually and hate dressing up, so jeans are really my style.  I got these jeans with my mom (are you seeing a pattern here?) and I love them because they have cute embellishments on the pockets.
  • fun socks: You can't see them here, but I always wear fun and crazy socks, usually of a color that matches my outfit!  Today's socks are white with pink and purple polka dots.
  • and finally new neon-pink shoes: My mom and I just bought these last week and I LOVE them!!!  Not only are they super-cute, but they are Nike AirMax shoes with the air all the way around.  If you haven't tried a pair, you have to try them on!  They're expensive, but they're so worth it in comfort!
My 6-year-old self would have loved them too!!!


  1. Great post! I LOVW those shoes!!!!!!

  2. Great idea! I remember now when Ruth did this last year. Don't think my story would be quite as interesting. And I love the pink shoes too! Really cute!

  3. Your husband must be really glad when you go shopping with your mom. :-) You are a vision of pink for tip top to toes. That band ring is very cool, so many symbols that have so much meaning. This was a fun post of yourself.

  4. Such a fun, colorful outfit! I have a new pink sweatshirt that I love - it's such a happy color!
    Thanks for sharing about your band ring, too. It's a unique treasure!

  5. The shoes are wonderful, Jennifer. I had forgotten Ruth's post. It and yours are terrific to read. It's fun to see how you connected with all the earlier writing you've done, and to hear bits about you as a little girl. Thanks for all!

  6. I love neon and I'm so glad it's in! I have similar shoes, but mine are neon yellow. I love them, too! :)

  7. Love pink! Love the shoes. I want some. :) I also love that you mentioned your shopping trips with your mom. It made me smile. I can hear your voice in your words. Such a fun post. I really enjoyed reading and may steal your idea except for me clothes are very boring, which means maybe I need to go shopping!


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