Sunday, March 17, 2013

They Love Me

Day 17 of 31 at Two Writing Teachers!
Last week, I used the format of an old post of Deb's to describe all the little ways I know my husband loves me.  Since we've been spending a lot of time with my parents this weekend, I thought it would be fun to write a similar post about them!

People often correctly guess that I'm an only child, because my parents show their love for me so enthusiastically.  Mommy and Daddy became a running joke in the marching band because they not only attended every performance (big or small, close or far away), but also somehow managed to always appear in the front row!  (One time, they even beat us to a high school band show we performed at after a football game... when we had a police escort from the game to the high school!)  Everyone in band knew (and loved) my parents, and now the members of the alumni band are starting to feel the same way.

However, they haven't even seen all the small, everyday ways my parents love me.

  • Mommy sends me little notes and presents through inter-office mail.
  • She takes me out to lunch and shopping on days off school.
  • She makes my favorite meals, like her special spaghetti, when I come over.
  • She calls me up "just to hear my voice", and her voice is filled with delight when I answer.
  • She still uses all her little nicknames for me, like "Sweetie Pie", "Honey Bunch", and "Sweet Pea".
  • She still sings me our special lullaby when we snuggle on the couch.
  • Daddy, the engineer, gets so hyper when I come over that he dances around the house, makes a million corny jokes, and ensures that every meal we eat together is a feast.
  • He drives my mom crazy by saving every little thing that belonged to me when I was little.
  • He still brings me little presents every time he goes on a business trip and gives them to me in a family ritual that we call "The Unpacking of the Suitcase".  (I guess I need to write a slice about that sometime!)
  • He teaches my husband how to take care of the yard and fix things in the house.
All that, and a million other moments throughout my life.  I love my parents because they love me.


  1. How blessed you are to have parents that love you so much! Hope they will get to read this post!

  2. What a wonderful family you have!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your parents with us. They are special people and I can tell how important they are in your life. You are blessed!

  4. You are truly blessed to have parents who love you so much!

  5. Your parents are extraordinary and you are blessed as the shining star of their world. Your dad is not just teaching your husband yard stuff, he is teaching him how to show love for a child. They are wonderful models to use when you have children. I only wish my son could be close by.

  6. I know some of the things you've said because you've written about them before, like that inter-office mail (so fun), but now I really know why you are such a great teacher for your students, Jennifer. They're your kids, & you have had fabulous role models. How sweet it is to have such love. I know that I had it too, & still miss my mom & that extended family that was such a part of my life. Very special. I wish all kids could have that. Thanks for the 'showing'!


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