Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Day 11 of 31 days of writing!
"I missed you!!!" Sparks of life returned to our exhausted eyes this morning as my students and I finally greeted each other in my classroom again.

Through yesterday, 10 of my last 11 school days were consumed with testing. 10 days trapped in silent, barren, unfamiliar rooms. 10 days of standardized directions, ridiculous procedures, and logistical puzzles: interpreters, testing locations, dictionaries, make-ups. 10 days of sub plans, adjusted schedules, and incomplete classes. (Most of my students missed 5-6 days of class at different times over the course of the 10 days. Some are still making up tests the rest of this week.) 10 days of disrupted routines. 10 days of heartbreak at the defeatstrugglefrustration, and stress in my students' solemn faces and hunched bodies.

10 days of just trudging through, fighting to remember what matters.

But finally, this morning, we were back together. Worn out, but together. Together in our cozy little community, closely knit with books, words, hope, trust, and love. Weary, but smiling.


  1. As always, your strong verbiage heightens the emotion in your post, and your love for your students shows through. I am sure they were so thrilled to be back "home" with you.

  2. So glad you're back with them and they're back with their loving, caring teacher (YOU!).

  3. The ordeal is over? You get to do your job again? If the answer is yes, then shout it from the tree tops, Woo-hoo! The family is back together.

  4. YES!!!!! Time to get back to what really matters: teaching!!!

  5. That about sums up the feelings I am having right now, except I still have three more days of testing. Bleeds into Monday. Ugh! Although I we are holding classes, we have shaved off 20 minutes of each class period and the class I have during the lunch "hour" is definitely gipped.

  6. Ugh. We are just beginning. With computers that aren't the most reliable. An hour at a time for the rest of the month for third grade. Fourth and fifth will be after spring seems endless. Glad you are finished.


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