Saturday, March 7, 2015

The cute couple

Day 7 of 31 days of writing!
"Wow, you two have such great smiles! You must be really excited about this!" The customer service lady at Babies 'R Us beams at us.

Husband and I just grin sideways at each other, recalling the multitude of similar remarks we've received from waiters and employees.

Earlier this week, my mom met a lady who lives on our street. As they slowly figured out that she lives across the street from us, she told my mom, "Oh! That cute young couple! Nobody knows them well, but they're so cute!"

On our vacation last summer, countless hotel employees and fellow guests asked us if we were on our honeymoon... and were constantly astonished when we said we were actually about to celebrate our seventh anniversary.

Wherever we go, random strangers comment on our smiles, how happy we are, how cute we are, etc. Colleagues and acquaintances who don't often see us together always make the same observations.

Later, our conversation is always the same: Aren't other people happy when they're doing fun things like eating out or going on trips? Don't other married people still giggle together, look into each other's eyes, nuzzle each other's foreheads, and have special smiles just for each other? Then we laugh about the fact that I've always been famous for my huge, ever-present smile that crinkles up my eyes, but Husband never got comments on his smile until we started dating.

Apparently, our love is special enough that it stands out to everyone, and that's definitely something to smile about.


  1. That certainly is something to be very happy about. This post reminds me of a quote my sister used during her maid of honor speech at our wedding. "May today be the day that you love each other the least." Cheers!!

  2. Stay cute. Stay smiling! Loving each other is so important. What a perfect slice to end my reading tonight!

  3. Yes-- we see it every day we are with you, and are so happy and thrilled to see you so happy and in love.

  4. That is the way to be known, "the cute couple!" Soon it will be amended to "the cute family." Your joy of living always comes through your words, so I am not surprised that everyone who sees you notices it too.


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