Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Our new pet

Day 25 of 31 days of writing!
Upon waking up, he chirps a lively little song, excited to begin exploring.

He ventures out from his bed and roams around the room, purring with contentment. Whirring and spinning, he curiously investigates every corner, nook, and crevice. He sidles up to walls, scratching his itches and snuggling. He scouts under the bed, hunts under the dresser, and burrows under the nightstand.

When he finds something to nibble on, he gobbles it down with a cheerful little murmur, making sure to take care of every last morsel.

Eventually, he decides the room has been thoroughly inspected and his belly is satisfied. Wiggling with joy, he eases over to his bed and gently settles himself in, squirming to find just the right position.

Just before he falls asleep, he warbles another cheery song, pleased with his work for the day.

Who is this adorable new pet? Roomby the Roomba, our happy helper!

All snuggled up to his bed, ready to explore some more!


  1. What a clever post! You had me going for awhile! This could the one pet that could live in my house as well!

  2. How creative! I really thought you had a kitty at first...and imagined a cute little ball of fur...only to find it was a Roomba! Now, I wonder....I have thought about getting one of these...maybe I will get a new pet too. Loved this. Jackie

  3. That's my husband's kind of pet, one that cleans up after everyone. You are too clever! This would be fun to have kids read closely without the picture to decide this isn't a typical pet.

  4. I've also thought about adding a little Roomba pet to our house! Sounds like you love yours :)

  5. Ha! Clever post! I totally thought it was a cat. This kind of pet is WAY cleaner than the ones I have! ;-) I need one!

  6. That's my kind of pet! Hypo-allergenic and does the dirty work for me. ENJOY!

  7. Hola! I'd love to include a quote from you in a round-up post I'm writing for, with tips for Spanish students. I could not find your email address, so if you're interested in helping, please email me at so we can chat! Thanks! :)


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