Thursday, March 5, 2015

Words with wings

Day 5 of 31 days of writing!
Emails from colleagues who work in other buildings.
Kind words in the hallway.
Likes, comments, shares, and favorites on social media... from "real-life" friends & colleagues, not just blogging friends.

"I've loved your blog posts this week!"
"So-and-so shared your blog post with me and I loved it!"
"Thank you for writing what I've been feeling about all this testing, but in a way that I never could!"

It's hard to believe that blogging used to be my secret hobby, something I was afraid to share aside from the already-courageous act of pushing that orange "publish" button. Did I really keep my whole first March Challenge a secret from everyone but my husband? Did I really wait nearly two years before starting to share my posts on Facebook, because I wasn't sure what my non-blogging friends would think?

Without living the life of a writer and braving those fears, I wouldn't have remembered how my students feel, and I wouldn't have discovered what I hope they take away from my class:

Real writing takes courage.
Sharing those words takes even more.
But the power in words that are crafted and shared from the heart gives them wings far beyond what you can even dream of.


  1. This is so true!
    Real writing does take courage.

  2. I hesitate to share my writing because I'm afraid I would no longer be as truthful. Maybe someday I'll have courage.

  3. It's hard to put your words out for others to judge, but the reward for doing so makes it worth it. You have a powerful voice in your writing. I'm glad I've gotten to read it all these years.

  4. "Real writing takes courage." Oh yes! I have very few people in my circle who even know that I write a blog. Not sure why. Am I nervous? Afraid? Perhaps I need to work on un-secreting my hobby. Thank you for a little push!

  5. You said it. Real writing takes courage -- I'm glad you are doing some real writing and sharing it all too!

  6. I love the phrase "real writing takes courage." I think of all of those thousands of hours that you have spent writing since you were little, and I am glad you now share your writing.


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