Friday, March 6, 2015

Las dos voces

Day 6 of 31 days of writing!
Fridays are for Spanish!
No quiero escribir.
Pero no quiero dejar el desafío tan temprano.
Pero estoy cansada.
...o mejor, estoy agotada.
Pero a veces es importante seguir adelante 
aunque sea difícil.
Pero no tengo nada que decir.
Pero así puedo entender y apoyar a mis estudiantes 
cuando les cuesta escribir.
Pero es viernes, y no quiero escribir en español. 
Es más difícil. 
Pero necesito practicar mi español, 
y necesito recordar cómo luchan mis estudiantes 
cuando escriben en inglés.
Pero... no quiero...
¡Uy, pero... vámonos! 
Habrán comentarios simpáticos,
la diversión de jugar con las palabras,
y el sentido de lograr algo importante.

¡Sólo una entrada cortita!
Vale... vámonos.


  1. OK, I will admit. I did what I tell my students not to do. I used Google Translate to translate your poem into English. I cannot read Spanish, and I really wanted to see what would come up. I know exactly how you feel! I felt the same way today, too. Your students are lucky to have someone who really knows what it is like to be in their shoes.

    1. I fully expect most people will use Google Translate, and it always cracks me up to see what comes out! Sometimes it's so close to perfect, and other times I end up in fits of laughter. This time, my husband informs me that it says I fight my students... lol. :-)

  2. Esto es lo que los niños se sientan como todos los días. No quiero hacerlo, dicen, pero lo hacen. Descansar mi amigo, este es un mes de duración. Espero que esto tiene sentido.

  3. love the blog name and comment on TWT/opening lines of the post. I am tired and was just thinking that I did not want to writel

    I do read Spanish -- have taught it and probably should do something like blog in Spanish one day a week. A friend in grad school wanted to claim Spanglish as her third language.

  4. Ok - so I was so excited that I could actually understand your writing w/o using a translator. Yeah! Maybe it's because my new sister-in-law is from Columbia, or maybe it's because I've put in endless hours of helping my children study for their spanish vocab quizzes, or maybe it's because I student taught in Puerto Rico. But it felt good. Now listening... that could be a problem. Anyway, I enjoyed your poem! What a clever use of two voices!

  5. I loved reading this haha, I liked the use of the 2 voices against eachother on different sides. Really creative, it reminded me of cartoons where you had the little imp on one shoulder and the angelito on the other :P

  6. Spanish Fridays are fun even though I don't really understand more than a few words without the help of a translator. It still shows the diversity of our writing community! I love how you say that you don't write in Spanish. I thought I just tried reading Spanish!

  7. La verdad es, a mi me encanta este poema. Que perfecto. Describes los dos voces en mi cabeza tambien. Necesito practicar mas mi espanol (obviamente).

    Gracias por tu poema y tu espanol.


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