Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summertime in the Spring

Day 21 of 31 at TWT!
Usually, my mom and I go to Phoenix over Spring Break to visit my cousins.  This year, we didn't go.  While I'd love to see my cousins, I have to say I'm a little glad we didn't go... just because of the weather!  Most years, when we go, we welcome the chance to bust out our short sleeves and feel the sun on our faces after a long, cold, Ohio winter.  (Which, some years, has yet to show any signs of thawing in March!)  Instead, this year, Phoenix is currently having high temps in the 60's while we are walking around in shorts!  That's right, shorts.  In Ohio.  In March.

So, today's post is brought to you... from my backyard!  (Thank goodness for wi-fi!)

80 degrees?!
Put on my comfy shorts
Slip on my pink sandals
Refill the bird feeder

Drag out the old, rickety chaise lounge
(the one with the paint
off the arms)

Grab my laptop and
s    t    r    e    t    c    h
out my bare legs,
            my          in        sunlight
wiggle        toes       the

Breathe in flowers and grass and warmth

Listen to birds chirping and
bugs buzzzzzzzing
and the neighbors mowing,
hammering, drilling...
bouncing balls, zooming cars.
Dogs bark cheerfully, their chains
jingling as they run in their yards.

A jet rummmmbles by through the blue sky.

A red flash;
a cardinal swoops into the pine tree.
The gentle breeze ruffles the grass.
A red-wing blackbird I can't see
calls to me from a distant branch.

A dainty white butterfly flutters across the yard.

Summertime in the spring
in my backyard.


  1. Wow. Jennifer, I want to be where you are right now. Thank you for all the excellent details which allowed me to create your space in my mind :).

  2. Us too! First, Jennifer, thanks for your supportive comment yesterday. It means a lot to hear the words.
    And, this is terrific. I love the way you played around with words, and added as much detail as you could. Great movement of the words, too. Terrific title: "summertime in the spring in my backyard."

  3. Sounds like a delightful day! I love your manipulation of text to make your meaning. "Breathe in flowers and grass and warmth" that sounds exquisite. I would love to join you in the backyard and soak up some sunshine.

  4. Love it. Perfect poem for perfect midwest weather. I'm glad it moved on to you after I finished my break!

  5. You are a poet! I loved your "Here Comes the Sun" slice, and I thought of you as a poet then, but this one rocks! I love the layout and how you used space and letters to give meaning to your words.

    1. Thanks Kelli! I wrote poetry profusely growing up but abruptly stopped in college and only re-discovered it when I started my blog this summer. I'm glad to be a poet again! :-)

  6. I love the way you played with the format of your word layout in this slice. It makes me sad I missed the sunshine in my backyard this afternoon by working late at school. I want to wiggle my toes!

  7. I loved how you played with the format and words too! What fun! Ah, enjoy this summertime in spring! We are just in complete awe and wondering what summer will bring . . .


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