Saturday, March 24, 2012

We saved so much...

Day 24 of 31 at TWT!
Instead of his usual "Hi, honey!" upon opening the door, Husband makes a half-startled, half-surprised, very cute little noise.

From around the corner in the other room, I burst out laughing, imagining the look on his face. 

I know what he's standing in front of, and I suppose it is a pretty funny sight to be greeted with upon entering the house.

Instead of an open staircase, there's:

a full plastic shopping bag                            another full plastic shopping bag

             an empty cardboard shipping box                 a paper shopping bag

      an open shoebox with bright new tennis
                shoes half-spilling out    

all scattered and sprawling across where the stairs are presumably buried...

"Let me guess... you saved so much money!" he jokes, with a wink in his voice.  That's the joke he's adopted from my dad about when my mom and I go shopping.
I run around the corner, giggling gleefully.  "Oh yes! Look how much we saved!  And the shoes we ordered earlier this week came too!"

I love shopping with my mom!


  1. The question to ask is does your dad love you shopping with your mom? :-) I love this "a wink in his voice." That's a loving husband.

  2. Your opening is so captivating! I love the onomatopoeia in his noise and the way you describe it. Immediately this slice feels playful--you achieved that mood perfectly! Hey, you have to spend money to save money! I imagine your husband's version of this moment would have the same playfulness about it.

  3. Fun! I like how you staggered the words of your purchase to look as though they were covering the stairs.

  4. What fun! Love a good shopping day with mom!

  5. It's often the comment at Kohl's. They even print it on their receipts. I love that you & your mom have such fun together. I do too with my daughter, but with jobs & two daughters now, we have less time for that. Thanks Jennifer.


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