Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cozy comfort

29 of 31 at Two Writing Teachers!
I can't move.

Do you know how difficult it is to write while lying nearly horizontally on your back, with a tummy so full it's making your eyelids droop heavily?

Do you know how sluggishly the words come when you're huddled in a fleece sweatshirt while leftover snow drifts drearily outside your window?

No? Then come with me through neighborhoods so new they still surprise me...

down old country roads,

past farmhouses with peeling paint and leaning barns...

across re-frozen fields where wintry winds whip another dusting of sugar-white topping...

into a tiny downtown lined with quaint Sears & Roebuck houses and well-worn brick storefronts...

around the corner to warm fireplaces and the heavenly aroma of Amish-style bread, chicken, and noodles.

As homemade cream slowly melts into my rich hot chocolate, I break open a fluffy roll and spread velvety apple butter across it.

Then, the buffet. Chicken, pot roast, ham, stuffing, vegetables... and noodles.

Ohhhh, those noodles. I spoon pile HEAP them on my plate over a gloriously creamy serving mound MOUNTAIN of mashed potatoes. Of course, my dad's mountain is usually twice as big, and then he goes back for seconds... or thirds.

I can't move.


  1. Too funny!! I can't move either and I'm lying in bed while I read posts and type comments. :) So, what kind of pie did you get?

    1. Can't believe we were both there at the same time! :-) I ate too many noodles, so I split a piece of pie with my husband. We had chocolate peanut butter cream. Glorious!

  2. At first I thought you hurt your back! I'm glad it's a wonderful food coma that has you on the couch! Yummy slice!

  3. I'm starving and reading this is pure torture. I want to go there! Now I go to reheat leftovers, Wah!

  4. Homemade soup for my dinner. Yours sounds so much more delicious!


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