Sunday, March 23, 2014

My list of things to do this break

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The ever-present sticky notes beside the trackpad of my laptop are filled with tasks I need to take care of before school starts up again. Household tasks I never have time for drift through my mind.

My heart freezes with trepidation as I imagine a Spring Break full of schoolwork and cleaning.

But then a sunbeam wraps me in soft light, my husband's eyes twinkle with a silly joke, and one of my favorite songs begins to float through my mind.

So I'm making a new list of things to do this break:
  • Linger in peaceful dreams and wake up with a smile.
  • Breathe deeply and let peace flow through me.
  • Curl up with beautiful books and let their delicious stories wash over me.
  • Dance with words.
  • Create new crafts from old memories. 
  • Spend more time looking into Husband's eyes and less time worrying about what I have to do.
  • Watch and notice. 
  • Wonder and delight.


  1. Your new list sounds delightful. Enjoy every second, especially gazing into your husband's eyes.

  2. I do love your list. I think I will focus on less worrying and watch and notice (if I may borrow them!). Enjoy your time to refresh and rejuvenate!

  3. What a great list revision. I hope you are able to accomplish everything on your list.


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