Monday, March 3, 2014

Ready for spring

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I love snow. I love the way it blankets the ground like a cozy quilt. I love the way it frosts doorsteps, roofs and windows, creating a charming gingerbread neighborhood. I love the way it bathes the world in a clean, fresh start. I love its magic.

However, I'm done with it this year. I don't live in Minnesota, I live in Ohio. Usually in Ohio, we get a few good snows that melt after a few days. Usually we have color interspersed with the white.

But not this year. This year we've had the longest stretches of snow-covered ground I can remember. I always thought that it would be charming and beautiful if the snows stayed around longer. To my surprise, the beauty fades: the wind knocks the magical coating off the branches, the unblemished whiteness gets dirty, and it feels as if you're drowning in heavy glops of bleakness.

So today, I'm going to try something new and use one of my student's slices as a mentor text!

I'm ready for spring.

When I step out of the doorway, an icy wall slaps me in the face, burning my cheeks and making my eyes water.

When I open my mouth, a frosty blast swipes away my breath, making me gasp for air.

When I walk toward my car, sharp arctic gusts bite and claw at my ears until they sting.

I wish I could wake up tomorrow and feel soft sunshine smiling on me.


  1. LOVE that you used a student's slice as your mentor text. BIG SMILES!

    And I keep referencing Minnesota (and how we SO do NOT live there) too!

  2. Next time I walk outside I am going to picture everything as a gingerbread neighborhood.. I am hoping that will be a happy enough thought to get me through the rest of this very cold March! I love love loved your poem and can't wait to go check out your inspiration! Happy blogging.

  3. Those are some powerful images you've created, but I understand. I am so sick of winter with its cold and snow, too.

  4. I'm sorry for your winters, Jennifer. We are still kind of waiting. We need moisture, a lot! The mountains have had oodles this year, but we have not. Fun to hear you using the student's slice as a mentor text!

  5. I am jealous of your snow. We have had wind. And more wind, and more wind, and some dirt, and wind. Saturday was 83 degrees, Sunday was 15 but dry and windy. Send some of that snow down to Texas!!

  6. I think I could deal with the snow if it would not be so cold! At least the days are getting longer (can you tell I am trying to find positives about this winter)! You give mentor text a new meaning! I will need to keep your idea in mind.


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