Monday, March 17, 2014

My nest

17 of 31 at Two Writing Teachers!
So yesterday, when I didn't want to write at all, I fell back on my good ol' ideas list in Evernote. As I enjoyed skimming through delightful mentor posts, an old post of Elsie's caught my eye: her description of her writing spot.

That was it! Writing suddenly didn't sound like quite so much torture after all!

Then my introduction got too long and turned into my whole slice. So all day I've known what I was going to write about, which is a comforting feeling on a busy day.

Now, I invite you to join me as I lounge in my footed pajamas, half-listening to Jon Stewart and grinning at Husband's giggles beside me.
Since I can't stand perching stiffly on overstuffed couches that seem to be holding invisible "DO NOT TOUCH!" signs, our #1 priority while couch shopping was comfort. When we settled into this gloriously soft microfiber, we knew we'd found the one!
Nothing feels better after a long day of teaching than putting my feet up and leaning back into a soft cloud of calm. A stuffed friend (wintertime Mickey right now, but it's almost time for a bunny!) cuddles under my left arm as my laptop settles comfortably on my lap.

There's a glass of milk or juice right where I need it, and some chocolate-covered blueberries wait on the armrest, just in case. If I add another book to the end table, they'll all slide off in an avalanche of please-read-me-next. Under the lamp we hardly ever use, My five-year journal is balanced precariously on my speaker dock, taunting me with missed pages. My iPad is always within reach: a convenient dictionary and thesaurus if I'm in the writing zone... or a quick escape to Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and a dozen cute animal games if I'm not.

When my brain needs a minute for my swirling thoughts to settle, I can gaze out the window or smile at the posters adorning our walls: WALL-E and Eve, Marietta's most historic hotel, and our own elated faces on our wedding day.

Beside me, Husband sprawls with his iPod or a book, snuggling a stuffed turtle and fast-forwarding through commercials I'd never even notice. Even though he's far away through my writing mist, I still love his sweet presence beside me.

It's a lovely place to write. Where do you settle in?


  1. It's a sweet little nest, Jennifer! I like hearing about all the parts.

  2. We have a similar love seat with seats that move with a touch. Bliss! Could so picture you in your nest!

  3. A soft cloud of calm is just what you need to end a day AND when it is next to your dear heart, all the better. Perfect nest!

  4. Your writing spot looks very relaxing! Just what you need after a long day at work!


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