Sunday, March 9, 2014


9 of 31 at Two Writing Teachers!
"Oh yay, S. was able to take the TOEIC even without her admission ticket!" With my sigh of relief comes the breath I've been holding since reading her panicked post yesterday morning.

"I can't believe R. worked 15 hours yesterday... and then still wrote her slice! Thank goodness her resilience is coming back after her discouraging week." I'm constantly filled with admiration for her dedication in the midst of so many daily challenges.

"Aww, E. wrote the sweetest post about her mom... I hope she realizes what a special gift those words could be!"

"Oh no, M.'s tournament didn't go well!" As a fellow perfectionist, I know how hard she pushes herself and how frustrating it is to feel like you could have done better.

"Wow... another profound post from K!" The depth of thought and emotion in her writing always leaves me hovering with my hands above the keyboard, just pondering her words for a moment.

I'm so proud of my student slicers for carving out time to write even when their school and personal lives have left them exhausted. I know how hard it is to make myself write some days, and I love that my students have taken on this challenge with me.

As I scroll through posts, approve comments, and leave my own, I make mental notes to check in with certain students and mention special events to others. Not only are we learning to live as writers together, but sharing these glimpses of our lives strengthens our classroom community so much.

Please take a few minutes to encourage my student slicers and show them how comments can lift writers!


  1. Your experience with your students mirrors mine in so many ways. I feel as thought I've gotten to know the real them over the last 9 days...they write about their lives and it's impossible not to get caught up in it with them! What a unique journey we're on...

  2. Your students are very talented! I have enjoyed reading some of their slices! Please share my verbal encouragement with them as well!

  3. I've read and commented on some of your students, Jennifer, and enjoyed each one I've read. They are earnest about their writing, I can tell. I'll try to get by more when I can. It's hard to keep track of who. If you have anyone who is getting fewer & message me, I'll look for them! Cheers for a good next week! I hope your father is doing okay!


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