Saturday, March 15, 2014

Irish roots

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This morning, as we walked through the green doors of my old middle school, we overhead the father in front of us talking to his little girl. "Green doors to the green syrup!" She skipped beside him, making up a little song to herself about green syrup. For a moment, it seemed like I was having an out-of-body experience, watching my little girl self excited to eat green syrup pancakes with her daddy.

When you've lived your whole life in a town whose slogan is "Irish is an Attitude!", it just wouldn't be March without a very green Saturday.
A recent addition: an Irish folk band plays before the parade!
With bellies full of green pancakes (The Lions' Club even put food coloring in the batter this year, in addition to the syrup!), and ears full of Irish folk music, we spent the hour before the parade reminiscing.

"Remember when my Brownie troop marched? It was so cold we were all bundled up in our snowsuits like little marshmallow girls!"

"You probably don't even remember, but you were in it with Monkey Junction [kids' gym] too!"

"And every year in high school, it snowed! I thought my fingers would freeze right off in those thin marching band gloves!"

Now, the sun warmed our faces as a cerulean sky framed the historic church that was my preschool. Sitting back, we soaked up the fun and marveled at how the parade has grown.
Now there are even big balloons!
I know this is the same balloon, but I just LOVE how this picture came out!
Irish dogs, including the huge Wolfhounds!

One of two bagpipe corps!
One of three Irish dance academies!

The marching bands from all three high schools! This is the one where I teach.
Even floats!

Our school district's transportation department got in the spirit too!

A calliope brought back riverboat memories for my mom.

The second of two trick-horseback-riding clubs!

This drum group came all the way from Maryland!

And they saved the cutest balloon for last!
I may only have a little bit of Irish blood, but I'm a Dublin girl through and through!


  1. What a wonderful celebration of where you are born and raised! And yes! Wear that Dublin Pride all the way. Great pictures Jennifer by the way. Way to go! i might join you all at the parade next year. :)

  2. My parents were very strict about missing school (deathbed illnesses only) EXCEPT the St. Patrick's Day parade. Back in the day, it was held on March 17th--no matter the day of the week! Great photos!

  3. Thanks for all the pictures, Jennifer. Awesome parade. I love hearing bagpipes! Happy St. Pat's Day-love the beginning too, green syrup/green pancakes & memories-nothing better!

  4. Green pancakes, green balloons, a parade, and more. Wow! Sounds like so much fun!

    I miss living in NYC. As people liked to say, "Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day." Now I live in an area that doesn't have a large Irish population and I have to say, I really miss celebrating St. Patty's Day with a parade and other festivities.


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