Sunday, March 13, 2022

Catching our breath

Day 13 of 31 at TWT!

"Yes! I'm still catching my breath!" Sweetie's eyes sparkle and her wiggly body is even bouncier than usual as she answers my question about if she feels proud. I know that under her mask, her gap-toothed grin is as wide as it can get. 

"How did you feel about dancing in front of your whole school?" I don't want to plant the idea that she should've been nervous, but I certainly would've been nervous to be on stage in front of 800 people, especially knowing some of them were my friends and classmates. 

"I was excited! I was a little nervous beforehand, but after we practiced, I felt good!" 

She's practically skipping as we weave through the hallways, passing kids headed to buses and kids headed to cars. Her curly Irish bun-wig (which cost me quite a bit of effort and 50 bobby pins this morning!) piled on top of her regular hair makes her seem even taller than her usual already-tall-for-her-age skinny self.

"Your friend from Girl Scouts saw me walking to get you..." I'm interrupted by a cluster of girls waving and saying "Great job! Good dancing!" "...and came up to tell me that you did a great job, just like that!" We both giggle. 

Around the corner, it happens again. And again. "Good job!" "I liked your dancing!" "Good Irish dance show!"

"I don't even know those kids!" she beams. 

"They can see your wig and uniform! You must feel so proud!"

"Yeah! I'm still catching my breath!" she repeats, hopping a little. 

And seeing her so proud, seeing her celebrated by her peers and teachers, knowing how hard she's worked for years to make this dream come true, I'm breathless too. 

Ready to dance for her school! <3

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  1. There is so much to love about this slice, from Sweetie’s gap-toothed grin to the hallway accolades. The dialogue really moves this piece, this form matching the function. I felt I was in the hallway with you both after an exhilarating performance.


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