Sunday, March 6, 2022

Summery surprise!

Day 6 of 31 at TWT!

 "MOMMY!" Husband & Rainbow Girl, who just went outside to play, stick their heads through the sliding glass door to yell at me, then disappear back outside.

Deer? Bunny? Interesting insect? Or could it be...???

I scramble off the couch and poke my head outside. They're nowhere to be found, and I think I hear the faint twinkling of tinny music.

It is!

I close the sliding glass door and run to the front of the house instead. Sure enough, when I open the front door, they're standing at the front of the driveway and the tinkly music is clearer. I glance down the street.

There it is! Stopped at the curb, a few houses down, with a cluster of kids scampering up to it. 

"Rainbow Girlie, what's that?" 

"THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!" with a huge grin, she stiffens her arms and legs, squeezes her hands into fists, and starts singing her imitation of its songs. "DA DUH NA NUH DA DUH DUH!"

It finally pulls closer and the driver greets us like we're old friends. "We have Tweetie Bird and Spongebob today!"

Rainbow Girl waves and smiles shyly, burrowing her head into my shoulder. She nuzzles me and mutters, "Tweety Bird," then leans out to his window and declares, "Tweety Bird!"

"And an orange Dreamsicle for mom, right?" the driver grins. (I'm famously predictable.)

"It's summer!" Rainbow Girl announces. 

"Summer's getting closer!" I tell her, and it seems like it really might not be that far away.


  1. Jennifer, your excitement is contagious! As I was reading, I was wondering "Could it be...Yes! It's the ice cream truck!" Although we are far away from that beautiful tinny music up here in Conway, NH, your post warmed my heart. My own beautiful rainbow girl is 23 years old now and lives 3 hours away. We loved Spongebob ice cream the best!

  2. Oh, yummy, what a fun post, Jennifer! You tell the story so beautifully. I heard that tinny music as you wrote. (An orange Dreamsicle sounds good.)

    P.S. Jennifer, it was so great to see you this morning at the Zoom meet-up!

  3. Yay! I read your brief summary when you posted your link and yelled "ICE CREAM MAN!" inside my head. Judging by the comments, all teachers really like the ice cream man. ­čśé


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