Monday, March 7, 2022

Say 'sure'!

Day 7 of 31 at TWT!

"I love that!" Rainbow Girl's dainty finger wiggles back and forth as she points toward the top of her dresser. 

"What do you love?" I can't figure out what she's pointing at.

"That that that!" Her arm pumps back and forth rapidly. "Ewok!!!"

I giggle. "Oh yeah, you looked so cute it that!"

"Can I wear it for next Halloween?" She squints her eyes and scrunches her face into her cutest smile. "Puh-lease?"

"I think you'll be too big for it by next Halloween!"

"Well maybe I can wear it for..." she pauses,"...pretend Halloween!"

"That's a great idea! You can dress up in it sometime!"

"Can I wear it now? Say 'sure'!"

This is her latest tactic: brightly telling us to say "sure" immediately after asking a question. I pause.

"Say 'sure'!"

"Sure," I grin, "Ewok is super snuggly!" I start to help her wriggle into it. 

"Can we watch the Grinch? Say 'sure'!"

Her big sister jumps in. "No! That's for Christmas! It's not Christmas anymore!"

"But it's winter! Right?" 

"It is the end of winter..." I admit, "but spring is coming..."

"We can watch it though! We like the Grinch!" she declares. "Say 'sure'!"

Why not? Time hasn't meant much the past two years, she looks adorable in her Halloween costume, and we do love the Grinch! "Sure," I concede.

"Well then I wanna be Princess Leia!" her big sister announces, disappearing into her room to change.

We head downstairs, turn on the TV, and I snuggle up to watch the Grinch cartoon with a cuddly ewok on my lap and Princess Leia beside me. 

Mar-Hallo-mas?! Sure!


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