Monday, March 21, 2022

Yummy air

Day 21 of 31 at TWT!

 "Sister Time!" Rainbow Girl squeals as I buckle my seat belt. 

"I'm getting it on, just a second!" I swipe to start their playlist and back out of the driveway, pausing to open the moon roof as soon as we're out into the dazzling sunshine (and clear of the possible threat of spiders falling into the car from the garage roof... something that has never happened but always occurs to me!). 

The sunshine streams into the car and our bare arms soak up the warmth as if they've been thirsty for it all winter. The girls sing along in the backseat: "Sister, sister, sister time!", and the breeze playfully flips and whips our hair around as we head down the road to one of our favorite parks.

When I turn the corner out of our neighborhood onto a road with a higher speed limit, the wind whooshes into the car, tossing our long hair with more powerful tugs. Rainbow says something, but I can't quite hear her over the wind and music. I glance into the rearview mirror to see her still-light-as-baby's-hair flowing straight out from her head as she lets out a whooping cackle. 

As I roll the windows up just enough to make the gusts more pleasant than overpowering, she loudly proclaims, "This air is yummy!"

Her big sister and I both giggle, then laugh out loud. But she's right. To be riding down the wooded road to our favorite park in March, in short sleeves, with windows and moon roof open, singing to our favorite songs, is absolutely delicious.

"It's so sweet!" Rainbow continues. 

It is. So sweet. The fresh air, the taste of spring with hints of summer, the car ride, the sister time.

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  1. Hooray for sweet, sunny sister time! What a yummy moment to remember!


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