Sunday, March 20, 2022

Flying Rainbow

Day 20 of 31 at TWT!

 "Who wants to fly with you tonight?" This may seem like a strange bedtime, but it's the signal that kicks off Rainbow Girl's special bedtime routine. After we all read a bedtime book in her big sister's bed, Rainbow gives Sis a goodnight snuggle. Sometimes she comes running out to me in the hallway while Husband tucks Sis in, and this question is just the next step. Other times, this question is the switch that coaxes her out of Sis' room. 

Either way, the next step is to choose one of the myriad stuffed animals from her bed. "Boo!" she declares tonight, so I grab The World's Cutest Dog and she burrows her face in him as I scoop her up. Now the real wildness begins. 

I stand up, she stretches out belly-up in my arms. "Whoooosh!" I whisper, spinning her around and flying her a few steps down the hallway. "Whoosh! Whoosh!" I fly her partway through the bathroom door, dipping her in and out several times as she giggles at herself in the mirror. "Whoooooo...." I dip her head down low and spin back around, headed back the way we came, where Husband stands with open arms. (The whole point of all of this is transferring her from me to him; it's just gotten very elaborate!)

"Whooop..." I pull her back away from him, then fly her almost into his arms. "Woo!" But it's a fake-out: back and forth again! "Whoop... woo!" She sing-songs with me. (One night, exhausted, I didn't make these exact sounds and I got an earful! I won't make that mistake again!) 1 more time: "Whoop... whoooosh!" and I finally transfer her all the way into Husband's arms. 

She grabs a section of her hair and starts twirling it around a little finger as she snuggles into him. They head into her room and turn on her night light and sound machine, then turn at the door so I can give her one last huggle. "Nightnie, sweetie pie!"

She leans out from Husband's arms, enthusiastically pointing at the wooden name rainbow sign on her door. Touching each letter with a dainty finger, she proudly reads the letters of her name. 

I wave and blow her kisses as she finally helps close the door. Inside, I know she and Husband are about to start the next routine: songs on the rocking chair, a last snuggle, and her waving sweetly to him as he closes the door.

No matter how the day was, I always end it with a smile after these sweet moments. 

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  1. So sweet and special for her, and for you! I love writing about things like this about my kids, and coming back to read it every year, since things with little kids just change so fast!


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