Saturday, March 5, 2022

Summer Preview

Day 5 of 31 at TWT!

 "Look!" Rainbow Girl lets go of her Shamrock Shake and her arm shoots out, little finger pointing at the sky. "The moon!"

I peer quizzically at the sunset-streaked sky. "You see the moon?"

Husband leans forward, ducking down to get a view that's more like hers. "Oh, I do see a little sliver of the moon, good job!"

"I see it too!" Sis jumps up from her side of the picnic table, crouching near her daddy. 

"Thank you for showing us, honey-bun!" I smooth my hand down her glossy hair. "Good noticing!"

"And I see the sun painting the sky!" she declares. "It's pink to me!" She nods vigorously to herself and bends back to the table to take another sip of Shamrock Shake, dangling her tiny feet off the bench and swinging them happily.

"Yeah, it's a pretty pinkish orange! I like it too, Sweetie Pie!" 

I'm not sure we've ever had Shamrock Shakes outside before (since they're only available late Feb - St. Patrick's Day!), and while the wind is a little chilly as the sun goes down, dinner at a park sure makes it feel like we're living in a preview of summer (cue dramatic voiceover):

Beautiful sunset! 

Running around a playground in short sleeves! 

Drinking milkshakes!

Precious family time!  

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! Rated G for all audiences.

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