Saturday, March 12, 2022

Snowflake, snowflake, change of plans

Day 12 of 31 at TWT!

"It's SNOWING! It's SNOWING!" Rainbow Girl's blue eyes sparkle, wide, as she points out the window. "We can SLED! And make a SNOW ANGEL!"

The wind whips flurries around the yard, turning our view of the woods into a snow globe. Big Sis was supposed to dance in our city's St. Patrick's Day parade today, but it was canceled due to the frigid temperatures (on this one day, in the midst of weeks of overly warm days!). It's been a strange winter; we've had just a couple snows, and none in probably a month or more. 

Little hands outstretched, the girls start to sing their favorite song from one of their favorite winter specials, Minnie's Winter Bow Show. "Snowflake, snowflake, sparkle and glowwwwww, my winter wish is for snow!!!"

When we step outside after the somewhat arduous process of layering up, we're glad the parade was canceled. A biting wind slashes at our faces immediately, and like every snow that's fallen this year, it's so bitterly cold that the flakes are light and fluffy. We haven't had a single packing snow for snowmen or snow forts! Yet despite the wind, I'm struck by the absolute silence. It's incredible how snow must absorb sound; it's like we've entered a magical world of pure tranquility.

"What's that?!" Rainbow Girl points at the roll of foil in my hand.

"Foil! Let's make our snowballs for the 4th of July!"

Just last night, Sweetie had forlornly realized that we'd never saved any snowballs for our family tradition. I'd really thought we'd have another snow, and we almost didn't! We're all disappointed today's parade was canceled, but at least now we get to throw snow in the summer after all!

Both girls gather snow in their little mittens and help me put it on pieces of foil. Last year our snowballs froze too hard, so maybe looser snow will actually be better. It's an experiment!

Once we have several foil-wrapped snowballs, we grab the sleds. The girls hop-run excitedly up the backyard hill and we race down in various combinations: them sledding alone, sitting, lying down, in our laps, riding on our backs. "Wheeeeeee!" Rainbow Girl giggles and squeals every time. 


It's not what we'd planned for this particular day, but it's still magical. 

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