Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A slice of summer

Day 15 of 31 at TWT!
"Looks like everyone else had the same idea!" We have to wait for a few cars to pull ahead before we can even turn into the Dairy Queen parking lot. The drive-thru line snakes around the classic little brown building, and the front deck is a sea of families basking in the sunshine. Giggling kids covered in dripping ice cream dangle their feet from the benches that face the street, pumping their arms at passing traffic and cheering every time they get a honk. Gaggles of teens in team jerseys cluster in gossipy blobs. Moms and dads lean forward and bending over, doing their best to wipe sticky fingers and faces on squirmy targets.

"This is amazing!" I chirp to Husband for probably the tenth time, between mouthfuls of shredded chicken and fried mushrooms. "It's like summer!" My cherry milkshake slides down my throat with the cool sweetness of childhood happiness. Growing up, my mom would pick me up from school to attend her students' sporting events with her, and we'd always go to this same DQ for the exact meal I'm eating right now. And last summer, when M&M was just a couple of weeks old, we took her to this DQ for our first dinner out.

Now, she's a big girl who beams at all the other customers, squealing and clapping with delight when people enter or leave the deck. Her curious little finger stretches toward each marvel that surrounds us, silently asking, "Ooh, what's that?!"
"Daddy! Look! What's that?"
"Do you see the big girls? They're eating ice cream!"

"That's a sign! It says 'Dairy Queen.' That's where we are!"
Wide-mouthed grin. "Goo!"

"Bvvvvt!" Wiggle. Point.
"Ooh, do you see the doggie? That's a doggie!"
Squirm. "Ba-ba-ba! Bvvvv."

Point. Lean. Grab!
"That's Mommy's ice cream sundae. You can't have that yet! Soon though!"

Point. Slow, finger-wiggling wave.
"Are you telling those people 'bye-bye'? That's very nice! They're going home. We'll go home soon."

"Do you see the car? That's a black car. Those people are coming to get their ice cream."

I gaze at the sunlight gleaming golden on her soft blonde hair, and I'm so grateful for this early slice of summer.


  1. DQ is a very important tradition to introduce, I'm sure, Jennifer. And Marisol seems to be loving it very much!

  2. What a fun slice to welcome summer. I think this phrase is especially effective, "...doing their best to wipe sticky fingers and faces on squirmy targets."

  3. Brings back wonderful memories! Glad you remember too!

  4. You are rediscovering the world through little sweetie's eyes. Enjoy the treat of summer temperatures because they won't last long.


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