Saturday, March 19, 2016

We didn't know

Day 19 of 31 at TWT!
Dear M&M,
1 year ago today!

Today my Facebook memories alerted me that one year ago, we were on our "staycation" downtown, and a butterfly decided to show us how special you were by landing right on my belly to greet you!

One year ago, you were just a wiggly little mystery in my belly. We knew you were a girl, and we were pretty sure what your name would be, but we didn't know who you were.

You were pretty cute when you wiggled and jiggled around in your cozy belly home, making ripples and tiny earthquakes that we could watch and giggle at. Those dance parties were special moments of pure happiness in the midst of a lot of stress, apprehension, and uncertainty.

We didn't know you'd courteously cut short the worst of the worries by coming three weeks early. We didn't know you'd make such a dramatic-yet-easy entrance to the world. We didn't know that when the doctors pulled you out of my belly, you'd have a sweeter, more adorable little face than we could have possibly imagined. And we didn't know that when they carried you across the surgery room to examine you and wash you off, you'd make the cutest little animal yelps and squeaks we'd ever heard!

We didn't know that you'd be such a good sleeper that we'd wake up in a panic our first full night in the hospital, scared to death because we'd slept four hours and you were supposed to eat every three! Or that you'd start sleeping through the night at a month old, leaving us to just laugh whenever people ask us if we're getting any sleep. And we didn't know that you'd immediately be such a good eater that our nurse would marvel at what a talented baby you were.

How could we have known that you'd be the happiest baby in the history of the world, filling our days with huge, wide-mouthed smiles, delighted giggles and chortles, joyful squeals and screeches, excited hand-clapping, and lively wiggles? How could we imagine the way your bright eyes would widen inquisitively as if every ordinary object was an incredible marvel, helping us to see the world in a new, wondrous way?

We didn't know you'd love exploring new places and meeting new people so much that we'd be able to take you wherever we wanted to go, or that you'd actually inspire us to get out and do more fun things than we used to. And we couldn't have dreamed how you'd make every part of life (from folding laundry to going on a walk!) so much more fun.

We didn't know what a joy it would be to watch you grow and change, teaching us to see what a miracle life really is. First, we were amazed that you could keep your eyes open and notice things. Then, you started to be able to control your body, progressing from uncoordinated flails and swipes to precise hitting, grabbing and grasping. Your eyes started tracking objects you were interested in, and you began turning your head to look in the direction of a sound. Those cute animal noises changed into babbles that are now almost words! You roll over! You sit up! You say "mama" and "dada"! You pull yourself up, and you can stand with minimal help! You point, clap, and wave! We didn't know how amazing you'd be.

Most of all, we didn't know how you'd help us improve our lives. We didn't know who you'd help us become: happier, healthier, stronger. And able to love in a whole new way.

Thank you for bringing so much delight to our lives, and for being so lovable that we just can't help calling you "Little Sweetie" so much that we're afraid you'll end up thinking that's your name! Your daddy and I love you more than we could have possibly imagined, and that love grows every day.



  1. This is a priceless piece of writing that will mean more and more in the coming years. I have a grandbaby that is a week old tomorrow, and another a year old later this week. "We didn't know..." says so much, even for grandmas!

  2. How sweet. I hope you are saving this for her when she gets older. Brings back memories of my first year as a mom.

  3. I think she seems to be the happiest baby I've known in a long time, Jennifer, and I love those pictures! A wonderful letter, just right for now. Love the changes you captured. It is truly amazing isn't it, the fast growth from flailing to grasping, etc. Hold tight, more to come!

  4. A beautiful letter - makes me long for those baby days (for just a moment!). So sweet!

  5. You never know until you experience that joy a child brings. I love your letter to your daughter. Every word is such a testament to the boundless love you have for her. She is truly your pride and joy.


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