Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wonder and delight

Day 12 of 31 at TWT!
"Are you excited for your very first parade?"

"Gooo! Ba-ba-ba!" Of course, having never seen a parade, Little Sweetie definitely has no idea what I'm talking about, but she knows I'm excited, so she crinkles her eyes, shows off her seven adorable teeth, and claps her hands.

"And first, we're going to the pancake breakfast! You'll have to wait until next year to eat some yummy pancakes with green syrup, though!"

As soon as we walk into my middle school cafeteria, she wiggles and babbles as she spots Meemaw and Grandaddy. Her tiny fingers open and close as she waves at hundreds of new friends. As we adults dig into our green breakfast, she screeches and claps as she gets more and more wound up. Deciding that the paper leprechauns on the wall are her new best friends, she waves at them until we carry her over to meet them.
"Hello, new friend!"
 "I swear, it snowed every year that I marched in this parade in high school! And remember when our Girl Scout troop walked? We were all in our snowsuits!" But today's gorgeous weather definitely shows that God was just as eager for M&M's first parade as we'd been.
Reading in the spring sunshine while we wait for the parade!
Little Sweetie has loved bands since she'd wiggle in my belly at the sound of music, so it's no surprise when she claps and waves at every marching band and bagpipe corps. She flails and chatters at the horses and Irish dogs, staring and leaning forward until they disappear down the street.

Whoa! Those horses are so much fun!
When the giant balloons glide by, she burbles, waves, and tilts back to gaze up at them.
Hi, Kermit!
Whether you're a ten-month-old or her adoring parents and grandparents, the world is certainly full of so much wonder and delight.


  1. I love this! What a lucky little sweetie she is. Looks like a fun day and how nice that the sun cooperated this year!

  2. Jennifer, this is such a wonderful memory, her first parade, & seeing her clap is just great. You were blessed to have such a beautiful day, and as you know, me, too.

  3. Traditions continue on and on. What fun to be able to relive the excitement through your daughter's eyes. We do see normal life differently when there's a new person experiencing it. Seven teeth? My granddaughter just has four and she's fourteen months old.


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