Thursday, March 17, 2016

The end of the rainbow

Day 17 of 31 at TWT! 
Shhhh! Husband holds his finger over his lips as I walk into the house. A snuggly bundle of sweetness rises and falls on his chest.

Perfect, rosy cheek pouches curve still and smooth, framed by porcelain skin under a canopy of wispy cornsilk. Graceful lashes arch up from scrunched eyes, nestled below feathery eyebrows. Tender arms curl and cuddle, with little fingers daintily clutching soft, green fabric.

Deep, rhythmic breaths and little sighs escape through the tiny cavern embedded with miniature pearls.

I settle onto the couch, riveted by the dozing miracle beside me. Pure love surges through me, and a song drifts into my head: the lullaby my mom always sang to me. "You're the end of the rainbow / the star on the tree..."

This St. Patrick's Day, I couldn't possibly be any luckier. The end of my rainbow was waiting right on the couch when I got home.
Afternoon snuggles with Daddy!


  1. Such a sweet moment! Love your description!

  2. I love reading these baby slices, wished I had known about slicing back in my day! So glad you found the end of your rainbow this St. Paddy's Day. Such descriptive phrases, love this one: "...little sighs escape through the tiny cavern embedded with miniature pearls."

  3. Having a sleeping baby on one's self is the sweetest moment of the day. We don't even need a picture (but glad you included it) because your words create such a perfect sensory picture.


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